Jennifer Coolidge Playing A Dolphin? I’m Down.

Just another reason why we stan Jennifer Coolidge.

Jennifer Coolidge Golden Globes Dolphin

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After Tanya’s death for the ages and an utterly iconic Golden Globes speech, I’ll be going ahead and saying yes to anything remotely Coolidge-related from here on out. Anything Jennifer’s heart desires, it’s hers; as far as I’m concerned. Jen wants to portray a dolphin? Sure. Why the hell not.

After (rightfully) claiming a shiny gong at the Globes for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in White Lotus Season 2, clips of this red carpet interview have been making the rounds online: further reasoning for my campaign to become best friends with the actor. (As if I needed it.)

“What’s the ultimate dream role for you right now… if anything could happen, what would it be?” asks one of the interviewers. “I’ve always wanted to play a dolphin”, Coolidge responds without hesitation, with an earnest lean over the microphone and a genuine, precious smile to the interviewer.

Both interviewers talk over each other as they try to make sense of Coolidge’s wistful chaos. “Like a… you mean like a half—,” one starts. “A dolphin? You mean like an animated feature?” the other gets out. 

“No,” responds Coolidge. They try again. “Like Flipper?”, they ask, to which Coolidge simply replies, “Yeah”.

As evidenced, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the sheer magic of Jennifer Coolidge. She’s just so relatable. Accidentally calling it the Oscars while presenting an award at the Golden Globes; easy mistake to make. Triumphantly announcing that she now gets invited to parties she used to get snubbed from; we’ve all been there. She’s just like us! She is us. And now, her ultimate dream role? If it could be anything in the world? A dolphin. Not voicing an animated one. Not a half-dolphin, half-human. No: a dolphin.

I’m so thankful I get to witness Jennifer Coolidge’s Renaissance era. It’s my favourite.

Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images