‘iCarly’ Alumnus Jennette McCurdy Alleges Abuse At Nickelodeon In New Memoir

McCurdy recalls refusing $300k to never talk about her time at the network.


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When the iCarly reboot was announced in 2019, fans observed a Jennette McCurdy shaped hole in the production. But excerpts from her upcoming memoir reveal an allegedly abusive relationship between McCurdy and her ex-Nickelodeon employers.

— Content warning: This article includes an account of sexual harassment. —

Jennette McCurdy’s long-anticipated memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died is due out on August 9. But book excerpts shared exclusively by Vanity Fair are already going viral.

While McCurdy names no names other than her own, the excerpts speak of a man she refers to as ‘The Creator’. In the excerpts, McCurdy alleges that The Creator routinely sexually harassed, manipulated and assaulted her.

“He takes his coat off and drapes it around me. He pats my shoulders and then the pat turns into a massage,” McCurdy wrote. “My shoulders do have a lot of knots in them, but I don’t want The Creator to be the one rubbing them out. I want to say something, to tell him to stop, but I’m so scared of offending him.”

In the last of the three excerpts, McCurdy recounts a meeting with Nickelodeon management in which she refused the offer of hush money. The hush money, McCurdy alleges, was directly related to The Creator’s conduct.

“They’re giving you three hundred thousand dollars and the only thing they want you to do is never talk publicly about your experience at Nickelodeon,” McCurdy recalls a manager telling her. “It’s free money,” the same manager said.

The account aligns with past allegations against Nickelodeon producer, Dan Schneider. Schneider has routinely denied the allegations. However, he agreed to part ways with Nickelodeon in 2018. Junkee does not allege Dan Schneider is guilty of any wrongdoing.

McCurdy’s memoir also delves into her struggles with addiction, eating disorders, and her relationship with her mother. According to reviews, the memoir is a compelling account of McCurdy’s surviving childhood stardom.

Jennette McCurdy writes more in I’m Glad My Mom Died, out on August 9.