Jeff Bezos Flew A Giant Dick-Shaped Rocket Into Space And The Memes Are Out Of This World

"Jeff Bezos was in space for 5 minutes – or as it's known at the Amazon warehouse, your allotted break time for a 16-hour day."

Jeff Bezos Space Memes dick rocket divorce taxes

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Late last night, Jeff Bezos flew into space in a giant dick-shaped rocket.

The world’s richest man managed to shoot into space for a total of 10 minutes and 19 seconds with the help his own private aerospace company, Blue Origin.

Following in the footsteps of billionaire Richard Branson — who flew his Virgin Galatic plane into space just over a week ago —  Jeff Bezos managed to make it to the edge of space inside a capsule lifted by the New Shepard rocket. Unfortunately for the Amazon founder, the round capsule that sat on top of the long cylindrical rocket looked just like a giant penis.

All four passengers in the dick rocket survived the journey and safely landed in West Texas desert on their return from space. Once on the ground, Jeff Bezos confirmed he was unharmed during his brief journey into space.

“I am unbelievably good,” the billionaire said after the flight. “Best. Day. Ever.”

Aboard the dick-shaped ship with Bezos was his brother Mark, 82-year-old trailblazing aviation pilot Mary ‘Wally’ Funk, and 18-year-old student Oliver Daemen, whose father bid millions for the seat.

This four-person flight crew managed to break the records for the oldest, youngest, and richest person to make it past the Kármán line space boundary. The flight also unofficially broke the record for most privileged child and luckiest brother making it into space, too.

However, while Bezos achieved a whole lot of firsts with his space journey all anyone could really focus on was the perfect metaphor of a dickhead billionaire riding a giant dick into space.

As expected, the billionaire’s short flight was meme-ed to the moon and back as people poked fun at Jeff Bezos’ dick rocket, his short flight time, his clear post-divorce mid-life crisis, and the Amazon founder’s impressive ability to avoid paying fair income tax at all costs.

So, here are all the best memes about Jeff Bezos’ space trip: