Check Out Jared Leto As Morbius, Marvel’s Extremely Sooky Vampire

Plus the Vulture says hi.

Jared Leto as Morbius

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If there’s one thing that Jared Leto does extremely well, it’s brood — which is why he makes perfect sense as the star of Marvel’s Morbius.

Leto has spent his entire career perfecting the art of standing the corner and glowering like a 17-year-old who just discovered The Cure. I mean, his Blade Runner 2049 villain had all the grit and edge of a teenager with a copy of Nietzsche he’s never read sitting on his bedside table. Hell, even his turn in Fight Club is an intravenous shot of pure, bleached blonde goth.

Well, Leto’s taking that penchant for gothic melodrama to the next level with the new Marvel film, based on the beloved — if slightly obscure — comic book hero.

Morbius first broke onto the scene as an early Spider-Man villain. From there, he slowly became something of an anti-hero. Picture Deadpool but with the jokes stripped out and much more talk about the ‘inky blackness’ of the night and you’re on the right track.

The Morbius film leans heavily into that jet-black silliness, as the trailer makes extremely clear. Less clear is the actual plot, though it seems to revolve around the slow transformation of Jared Leto into a blood-thirsty killer, and the ways that throws him into conflict with — shock horror — longstanding Spider-Man villain Vulture, here played again by Michael Keaton.

Of course, that cameo is pretty exciting. Marvel and Sony have wrestled a lot over what to do with the future of Spider-Man, leaving some fans concerned that Spidey might get booted from the MCU. A Sony film starring an actor and character from the Marvel cinematic universe makes it pretty clear that more cross-overs will be forthcoming very, very soon.

Stay tuned on that front, and watch the deliciously silly and soupy trailer (complete with an overblown classical soundtrack) here: