Quarantined Students In Japan Held Their Own Graduations On Minecraft After Schools Closed

"Commencement ceremonies in 2020 be like."

minecraft graduation

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Graduation ceremonies are a big deal in any student’s life — a chance to close one stressful chapter before moving on to the next.

Thousands of students in Japan have missed out on that chance, after coronavirus caused most schools there to shut down earlier this month.

That hasn’t stopped them from marking the occasion in other ways. One group of Japanese elementary students who were determined to celebrate decided to hold their own graduation ceremony — on Minecraft.

The heartwarming ceremony went viral after one proud dad posted a video of his son taking part.

Screenshots show how much detail the kids put into the event, with each student walking up a long red carpet to accept their award on stage in front of a hall of sadly empty chairs.

The original tweet, roughly translated (thanks Google) reads: “What are you doing?” “Everyone decided to have a graduation ceremony.”  Great. Elementary school students gathered and started their own graduation ceremony.

The Japanese school year finishes in March and starts up again in April, so time will tell if they’ll be restricted to a virtual classroom next semester too.

Either way, it’s nice to see people getting creative amidst all the doom and gloom.