We Love Jane Fonda And Kate Winslet Forgetting They Already Met

Kate Winslet and Jane Fonda at Cannes

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Last week, this wholesome clip was snapped at Cannes of legendary actors Kate Winslet and Jane Fonda fawning over one another as they meet for the first time. There’s just one adorable hiccup: this is not the first time they met at all.  

In the YouTube clip (at 0.16 seconds to be precise), Winslet sees Fonda and exclaims how much she admires and loves her, saying, “we’ve never met!” before the pair excitedly embrace. After the embrace, Fonda compliments Winslet’s work in the 1999 film Holy Smoke!, gently holds her chin, and calls her one of the bravest actresses alive.

Fonda even commemorated the moment on social media, sharing a pic of the pair on her Instagram with the caption,And I finally met #KateWinslet, also a @lorealparis brand ambassador, and was able to tell her how much I admire her.”  

But as many savvy celebrity and movie-obsessed TikTokers have pointed out, this chance meeting at Cannes is far from the first time the screen legends have met one another. They also met seven years ago, and there’s footage to prove it.  

Back in 2015, Winslet and Fonda were part of a photoshoot and roundtable for a special actress-focused November edition of The Hollywood Reporter. Even if the photoshoot was photoshopped, the actress’s roundtable is still on YouTube where you can see Fonda compliment Winslet’s work in, drum roll, Holy Smoke!. We love a queen of consistency.  

I do not write this as some kind of cynical celebrity takedown “gotchya” moment. Perhaps it was a clumsy PR stunt, but honestly? As someone with a brain like a colander who regularly forgets the names and faces of almost anyone I don’t see daily – this is the most relatable celebrity content I’ve seen all week.  

Fonda and Winslet being joyous over meeting for the first time… again, only shows the positive side of having an unreliable memory: you get to relive the first-time thrill of meeting your favourite people over and over again.  

Main Image Credit: Getty and Twitter