Turns Out James Blunt’s Selfish Take On Brexit Is Far From Beautiful

"Our lives aren’t going to change" says the singer.

James Blunt has a terrible brexit take

James Blunt has stretched what many thought would be 15 minutes of fame into 15 years. He pumps out world tours every two years, is about to release his sixth album Once Upon a Mind and is still a master of self-deprecating humour — as our very own Tom Gleeson found out in 2017.

But Blunt has taken some time out from sending funny tweets to wade into politics, with a tone deaf take on Brexit — which is basically the UK saying “Goodbye My Lover” to the European Union.

In an interview with The Independent, the 45-year-old singer dipped his toes into political matters, despite refusing to say how he voted in the Brexit poll because he doesn’t “want to be given the label.”

“I think it’s pretty much bullshit,” Blunt begins. A good start, but it quickly deteriorates from there. “It’s all a political thing. I’m going to carry on touring through Europe whatever happens. Rather than having a title on it, my call to arms would be ‘get the fuck on with it’, because our lives aren’t going to change. My tour manager is going to be pissed off he has to fill in a few more forms, but whatever you do, get on with it, because the limbo is killing us.”

It should be stressed when Blunt refers to “our lives,” he must be referring to that of his band, management, entourage and touring party etc. Because for a lot of Brits, their lives will change an awful lot — and they weren’t afraid to let Blunt know it.

Needless to say, readers immediately took umbrage with Blunt’s careless and poorly thought-out comments.

Blunt himself has not acknowledged the comments on his social media, save for a passing snarky plug for the new album – which, really, you have to imagine is his endgame in all of this. Stir some people up, shift a few units. It’s inherently cynical, but how else do you explain this whole ordeal?