Jake Gyllenhaal Has Spent The Entire ‘Spider-Man’ Press Tour Becoming A Terrifying Meme

The man is deranged.

Jake Gyllenhaal on the press tour

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Despite the fact that he’s been around for decades, Jake Gyllenhaal has always been something of an enigma.

Bursting onto the screen as a doe-eyed young rocket obsessive in October Sky, Gyllenhaal has become the Daniel Day-Lewis of his generation — a performer known for his secrecy and for his strange, affected choices. Who can forget that weird blinking routine in Prisoners, his reedy-voiced clown act in Okja, or his bug-eyed turn in the deeply unnerving Nightcrawler? Whenever you feel like you get close to the real Jake, he makes another left turn and disappears into the folds of a new, even stranger acting job.

Well, at least, that was the story until recently. Now, for whatever reason, the actor has decided that the best possible time to reveal his true persona is on the press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Yep, the cat’s outta the bag — Donnie Darko himself is a big, loveable weirdo who loves Sean Paul, puppies, and making some of the most horrifying faces imaginable.

It all began with a viral clip of ole mate Gylls explaining the origins of Cabbage Patch dolls, a long spiel that turned into a homage to his Marvel playmate Benedict Cumberbatch. It was captioned with the simple question, “what is wrong with Jake Gyllenhaal?”

Turns out that question would only become more pertinent as the press tour went on. Feast your eyes, for example, on Gyllenhaal trying to demonstrate what a dinosaur sounds like…

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…doing a thoroughly bizarre lip sync dedicated to pop superstars Blackpink….

…giving a whole-hearted, Patrick Bateman-level defence of singer Sean Paul…

…and coming to believe that he has the power to communicate with puppies.

So yeah, either ole mate is using the press tour as the opportunity to hone his skills for his next terrifying turn as a burnt out cop, or this is the real Jake. You decide.

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