Jacqui Lambie’s Most Ludicrous Quotes, Seamlessly Inserted Into ‘Ghostbusters’

Lambie saves the day!

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It should come as no surprise to any loyal Junkee reader that video artist Huw Parkinson is one of our heroes.

There was Clive Palmer’s insane anti-China rant, cleverly jammed into a scene from Arrested Development; there was a ream of quotes from Tony Abbott, wedged into The Darjeeling Limited; and now, inspired by PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie’s appearance on Insiders last weekend — in which she broadcast an understanding of Sharia Law so fundamentally flawed it would be funny were it not so dangerous — we have this.

Somebody give this guy his own TV show.

Head to Huw Parkinson’s Vimeo page here.