Jacqui Lambie’s Still Busy Shitting On Queer People In 2019

"When you are born, you’re either a male or a female."

Jacqui Lambie criticises transgender rights push on I'm A Celebrity

Former Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has criticised a push for the rights of transgender people during the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, slamming a plan to remove gender from birth certificates and insisting that “when you are born, you’re either a male or a female”.

On Sunday, Lambie became the third contestant to be eliminated from this season of the reality show, but not before making the remarks that were criticised by viewers on social media as transphobic.

Lambie was discussing politics with fellow contestant and former AFL star Dermott Brereton, who hit out at the Greens for moving away from environmental issues.

“The genesis of their start was the Franklin Dam,” he said. “Haven’t they moved away from those types of issues?”

“Now we’re into moving Australia day, we’re into transgender and making sure we can change their fucking birth certificates,” agreed Lambie. “Stupid Tasmania, they did that just before Christmas time.”

Lambie was referring to an amendment introduced by Tasmania’s Labor government late last year that would make the inclusion of gender on birth certificates an opt-in process. It would also allow anyone aged 16 or older to change or remove the gender on their birth certificate without undergoing surgery, and allow children under 16 to do the same with the support of their parents.

“When you’re born, you’re born either a male or a female,” Lambie told Brereton.

“Unless you’re born a hermaphrodite,”  the footballer replied, using an outdated word that is considered offensive to intersex people.

“It is a true document of the time that you are born. If you are male or female. Very simple,” Lambie added.

“Correct,” said Brereton, before clarifying that “if you want to do anything other than that, I support you after.”

Jacqui Lambie is seeking a return to politics at the upcoming federal election after being forced to resign in 2017 when it emerged that she was a dual citizen. She told her fellow contestants on I’m A Celebrity that she was only appearing on the show after her mother convinced her it would be a cheap form of political advertising.