A Channel 7 Commentator Said Chinese Skiers “All Look The Same”

What the fuck, Channel 7.


Channel 7 is defending one of its star commentators after she said it’s difficult to tell Chinese aerial skiers apart because they “all look the same”.

“Very Chinese. They all look the same. They’re very hard to tell who’s who”, said Jacqui Cooper, a five time Olympian and former world champ, following a jump by Chinese aerial skier Yan Ting.

The comment was quickly condemned by viewers.

Channel 7 quickly tried to clarify Cooper’s comment, saying she was referring to the Chinese team’s style and training, not their physical appearance.

“During tonight’s commentary of the Women’s Aerials, commentator Jacqui Cooper a former Olympian and World Champion, noted that an aerial maneuver was in a technical and style sense, very Chinese. Meaning that the whole of the Chinese aerial team are trained in the same way — and the manoeuver referenced a classic, technically perfect, trademark of that team’s style,” the station tweeted.

“At no time was the commentary racist, intended to be racists or offensive.”

Cooper also tweeted that she was referring to the team’s style, noting that they are all coached by the same person and are trained to use the same techniques.

Neither Cooper or 7 apologised for the poor choice of words.