Jacob Elordi’s New Profile In GQ Just Dropped, And Sorry But It’s Very Funny

Elordi said he watched shark documentaries to prepare for the role of Nate Jacobs.

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Everyone, a new Jacob Elordi profile has dropped in GQ Magazine and it’s giving even the biggest Elordi fans pause for thought.

The Euphoria actor’s profile, who famously hails from this very country, is packed with so much pablum that it almost comes off as satire — and honestly, once you start thinking about it that way it’s quite good.

So let’s get into the most unhinged parts of this article right away, because if this profile has taught me anything, it’s that things are definitely ending.

His Characterisation As Gen Z’s Leading Man

Probably the most confronting aspect of the profile could be its headline, which declares Jacob Elordi as Generation Z’s Leading Man. At 25, Jacob Elordi is factually Generation Z, so that bit’s right. And by all accounts, he is also a man.

But it’s referring to him as a whole generation’s ‘Leading Man’ that is getting people’s backs up, with social media suggesting that news of Jacob Elordi being Gen Z’s leading man will likely come as news to  Gen Z.

The Attempts At Profundity

This profile gives us pseudo-intellectualism in droves, mostly courtesy of Elordi’s quotes. And look, he could just be trolling. Maybe it’s all just performance art. We hope it’s all just performance art.

In one noteworthy passage, reporter Clay Skipper speaks of the existential dread that Elordi experiences amid his newfound fame, and includes the quote: “I can see an edge of a cliff, and I’m just teetering on the edge… My fear is: What step can’t you go back from?”

As others have pointed out, the man emanates a lot of intensity given his filmography so far, but good on him for being so aspirational I guess.

His Privileged Outfit 

The profile reveals that Elordi has been reading Brideshead Revisited to get familiar with a new character, and that for his interview he was dressed “a billowy shirt and a pair of linen trousers” in an attempt to “inhabit the ‘loose privilege’ of the novel’s protagonists”.

I would’ve preferred “billowy privilege”, but I’ll take it. Also, sir: you’re a tall white man from a white supremacist country emanating distinct private school energy; you probably don’t need to get too method about it!

This Godforsaken Tongue Picture 

I never thought Jacob Elordi would be the one to give me this realisation, but tongues are disgusting and human beings never should have happened. Take us back! I want to be a bonobo. Or an amoeba. Let me be an amoeba!

This Line About Murder 

At one point in the interview, Elordi points out that we could all just murder someone if we wanted to. “Someone has said that every human being is capable of murder,” he told the magazine, “and I like to think of that a lot when I’m [working].”

Same here, actually.

That He Was Almost Going To Quit Acting And Then Did Not Quit


Read Jacob Elordi’s full profile in GQ Magazine here.

Apologies to Jacob Elordi. We would all be weird in a GQ interview, too.