Everyone Is Very Horny For This Video Of Jacob Elordi With A Dirty Mullet Buying Vodka Cruisers

Australia has no culture? Um, try again sweetie.

jacob elordi vodka cruiser

There’s no denying that Jacob Elordi is one fine, fine man.

But some have been shocked to find out that The Kissing Booth and Euphoria star is actually Australian, which, for people across the world, makes the 6’5″ giant even sexier.

Anyway, since The Kissing Booth 2 recently dropped on Netflix, people have just been extremely horny for Jacob Elordi. Fan cam edits of the actor have flooded TikTok, along with videos and photos people have snapped with Jacob at restaurants, basketball games, and apparently, even at bottle-o’s in Brisbane.

Yep, since returning home to Brisbane during the pandemic, Jacob Elordi has actually been snapped in the most Aussie way possible: Walking around what looks like a bottle shop, sporting a dirty mullet and seedy mo while holding two packs of Vodka Cruisers.

Looks like he grabbed raspberry and watermelon by the looks of it, too. That, or some cheeky guava bottles. Either way, some great picks, tbh.

The clip of Jacob in the bottle shop was snapped by Brissie local @sianrn over the weekend and has already amassed 250,000 likes on TikTok.

For some reason, instead of the mullet, mo and cruisers turning the world off, the extremely bogan areas just made people even hornier for the actor. Even the Australians — who could VERY easily find at least seven men who look exactly like this version of Jacob Elordi at their local train station — thought he was irresistible.

However, those with eyes noted that Jacob Elordi seemed to actually be giving off huge year 11 eshay vibes, and that despite him being an attractive man, this video wasn’t really one of his most desirable looks.

Not to mention the huge, very specific Aussie fuck boy energy he radiated in the clip. As @abbzbutler perfectly put it, Jacob Elordi looks like he’s “about to start chain-smoking next to you at Gordon’s Bay”.

Anyway, I’m not really sure how Jacob Elordi is going to go back to playing Nate on Euphoria after this, but cheers to the mullet king for finally giving us the real bogan representation we’ve long lacked in Hollywood.