This New Zealand Comedian’s Impression Of Jacinda Ardern Has To Be Seen

The magic of makeup.

Melanie Bracewell's Jacinda Ardern impression is getting mad props online

We’re all discovering new things about ourselves during lockdown: maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby, spotted a previously hidden mole, or discovered your fingernails grow quicker on one side of your body. Meanwhile, New Zealand comedian Melanie Bracewell has discovered she can pull off a solid Jacinda Ardern impersonation.

Bracewell has, well, been bracing through New Zealand’s lockdown by focusing on TikTok, producing some top-notch dumb ass jokes, including reminiscing about being in a pub and someone picking out a really big chip from a chip bowl.

In her journey to TikTok fame, Bracewell has received a lot of comments telling her she looks an awful lot like NZ’s PM, and decided to test out both the comparison and her makeup artistry. Behold, a transformation to power below.

Okay, look, it’s very impressive, but it’s largely an excuse to show you Bracewell’s TikTok, which also features arguably one of the best videos currently going around Twitter. In short, Bracewell’s attempt to reach out to her neighbour doesn’t go so well — find it below.

If you think Bracewell looks familiar, you’re not just thinking of Ardern. She’s appeared a handful of times on Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?, and was on the comedy circuit back when all events weren’t cancelled.

Find a few more of her best videos below. While many Australians have long-wished Ardern would be our PM, maybe Bracewell could give it a crack, now that comedy gigs have dried up?

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