Jacinda Ardern Dancing Over NZ Being Coronavirus-Free Has Become A Wholesome New Meme

Her speech has been mashed-up with a key scene from 'Love Actually'.

jacinda ardern love actually photo

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern responded to the threat efficiently, calmly, and with good grace.

She appeared on Facebook live to respond to any concerns constituents might have, released clear messaging about the phases of lockdown, and was open to any question from reporters. So it’s little wonder that now, months after the beginning of the outbreak, New Zealand is faring much better than most.

Just recently, the country announced that it has zero active cases of Covid-19. Though some social distancing measures will still be in place, the country has lifted key restrictions, meaning that the music and arts sector can open back up.

That’s big news. And Ardern celebrated it, she recently told reporters, by “doing a little dance.”

Needless to say, the press gallery moment has been received with warmth and affection by the majority of New Zealanders and Ardern-fans abroad. So much so, in fact, that the revelation of Ardern’s post-COVID dance has become a meme.

It was YouTuber GCSBro who mashed-up the viral moment with a key scene from romantic comedy Love, Actually, creating this joyful, important work of art.

Truly a moment of lightness and joy in the midst of some pretty shitty times. Long live Jacinda Ardern.