It’s Official: The Wiggles Are Coming To Falls Festival

Maybe we'll see that Lil Nas X/Wiggles collab after all?

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After almost three years of lockdown, a generation of young people has been deprived of the traditional coming-of-age activities enacted when turning eighteen, like goon hangovers or losing all of your friends at your very first camping festival.

As a means of compensation, Falls Festival has announced that The Wiggles will join their 2022/2023 line-up, giving thousands of teenagers the chance to mark their transition into early adulthood by taking pingers while watching ‘Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car’.

The announcement also signals that a prophecy tweeted by American rapper Lil Nas X earlier in the year has finally come to pass. Does this mean that Australians could potentially bring in the New Year at Falls by watching Antony Field wiggle along to ‘Old Town Road’?

Fresh from their recent, sold-out national tour, The Wiggles are literally Australia’s most successful music enterprise to date. They’ve franchised spin-off groups, syndicated several television programs and won last year’s Hottest 100 with a cover of the Tame Impala track ‘Elephant’.

The group also briefly appeared to absorb Tame frontman Kevin Parker into their group at a Wiggles concert in Perth, leading economists to question how a potential corporate merger between the two groups would affect the Australian Dollar.

At this point in their trajectory, there’s probably not a single event in the country that The Wiggles couldn’t headline if they wanted to. I don’t think I would even batt an eyelid if a delegation of Wiggles were to appear at the next Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Tickets to this year’s Falls Festival are on sale now.