If You See Red Balloons Around Sydney Today, Don’t Worry It’s Just A Murderous Clown

Please no.

It movie Pennywise

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Oh come on!

As if that terrifying trailer wasn’t bad enough, the people in charge of promoting the upcoming It movie have started tying red balloons to storm drains around Sydney, like literal murderous clowns trying to lure children to their gruesome deaths.

The balloons are accompanied by the message “It Is Closer Than You Think”, and I am officially done.

Sydneysiders began sharing the horrifying images on social media this morning, because what better way to start your Monday than by guaranteeing your followers won’t be able to sleep for the rest of the week?

That’s ok #ItMovie, I never really enjoyed being a pedestrian anyway.

A post shared by Ross Colebatch (@r__co) on

Is #IT you #Pennywise? #redballoon #sewer

A post shared by Juwandy Zhang (@juwandy_zhang) on

No no no no nope!.. #it Safe to say I’m not walking that route home

A post shared by Ell (@elliot.parkin) on

I hate this.

It is in cinemas this Thursday, September 7.