Israel Has Launched A Ground Invasion Of The Gaza Strip

More to come.

Backed by air support, tanks and artillery, Israel has launched a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip after a five-hour “humanitarian truce” ended overnight.

Journalists and Gazans on Twitter are reporting that rockets and shells are landing in Gazan territory. You can watch a livestream below:

The ground assault marks a severe increase in Operation Protective Edge, the campaign started by Israel in response to increased rocket attacks from within the Gaza Strip. Yesterday Israeli media reported that soldiers foiled an attempt by thirteen Hamas militants to cross into Israel via an underground tunnel. More than 230 Palestinians and one Israeli have died since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge ten days ago.

CNN is reporting that groups of Israelis are gathered on hills overlooking the Strip to watch the bombardment, cheering and clapping as the rockets fall.

The invasion comes two days after four Palestinian children were killed by Israeli shelling while playing on a Gaza City beach. NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reported on the children’s deaths shortly after playing soccer with them.

More to come.

Feature image via Time/AP.