We Asked Your Favourite Artists What They’ve Been Bingeing In Isolation

"I’ve just finished all 16 seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy' and it’s an achievement that I feel truly proud of."

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There’s a cruel irony to the challenges the coronavirus is currently posing to the music industry: the time that the scene is at its most vulnerable is also the time that we need it most.

After all, around the country, music fans are turning to the albums and artists that make them feel most comfortable and seen.

When the world gets tough, the tough start re-listening to the entire discography of Bruce Springsteen, or Black Sabbath, or PJ Harvey, or any of the musicians who settle our concerns and fears with their pure artistry.

And it’s not just music fans that are retreating into their cultural comfort zones either. Musicians themselves are sinking back into old favourites, quelling their worries about the state of the world and the future of our industry by going ham on records, TV and movies.

To that end, Music Junkee reached out to some of our favourite Australian artists (and a couple of overseas ones), and asked them to share the content that’s keeping them going.


In isolation I’ve been keeping it as chill as possible. I haven’t been trying to watch anything new and heavy, I feel like my brain can’t take any serious new information in a time like this.

So I’ve been rewatching The Sopranos (lol) and Lil Dicky’s show, Dave. I’m also currently reading Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney which I’ve really been loving as well as her newer book Normal People. As for music I’ve been listening to Snoh Aalegra album Ugh Those Feels Again.

— Listen to Wafia here.

Hayden James

Writing music, cooking, drinking, watching TV, running…repeat. That’s my iso routine. I’ve been listening to the new Tame Impala record. It’s one of those records you can just leave on in the house, you know. Same goes with the latest from Arctic Monkeys.

Dumplings is the dish I’ve decided to master in the kitchen. I’m getting pretty adventurous with the fillings although nothing beats classic pork and chive. My favourite series I’ve watched since all this started has got to be Succession.. that family has some issues!

— Listen to Hayden James’ new single ‘Right Time’ here.

Lime Cordiale

We’re both watching the new season of Killing Eve at the moment. You sorta fall in love with the two main female characters in this season especially the assassin, she’s a hard arse. We finished Curb Your Enthusiasm and have been meaning to catch up on Westworld.

The new Strokes album has been keeping us company for the last month. Same goes for the new Tame Impala album. Tame was the last band we saw live before LA closed down whilst we were there. And Parcels just released an hour live set, which is absolutely killer.

— Listen to Lime Cordiale’s new single ‘On Our Own’ here.


Dried Spider — ‘Everybody Wins’: This is a kid from Gundagai who is now based in Chicago and who I’ve known my whole career, he was in my first ever band. I listen to him all the time at the moment. This is his new single and honestly, who is actually making music in Australia like this right now? Lemme tell you. No one.

Phantom Colors — ‘Nightbirds’: One of my closest friends and his mate Jeremy. Two Aussies currently in lock down in New York. This is for those ‘I’ve just finished a bottle of wine by myself and I’m gonna drunk sexy dance like no one’s watching’ kinda nights.

Moreton feat. James Vincent McMorrow — ‘See Yourself’: This breaks my heart including the accompanying film clip directed by the incredible Mia Forrest. I’ve seen the many forms of Moreton over the years, but this is by far my favourite.

Nai Palm — ‘Crossfire/So Into You’ : I’ve been planting lots of sunflowers lately and they remind me of this song. It’s my fave Nai song and a go-to. I feel like I’ve been just been listing my friends but I really just want to live in a world where these artists are bigger than the cookie cutter artists radio stations that hold power get behind.

— Listen to Ngaiire’s latest single ‘Boom’ here.

Genesis Owusu

The isolation period presented the best time for me to binge watch Arrested Development again. It’s so wild how much joy you can receive watching a show about awful, awful people.

And I’ve been listening to IDLES’ Brutalism album on repeat — love the bluntness and the aggression of it.

— Listen to Genesis Owusu’s ‘Good Times’ here.

Alice Skye

COVID-19 is encouraging me to go down some childhood rabbit holes and so I spent three hours watching Silverchair video clips the other night with absolutely no regrets. When I’m not there I’ve been listening to Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood and re-watching PEN15. All of which I recommend.

— Keep up to date with Alice Skye here.

Kita Alexander

Listening to the The Kid Laroi which makes me feel like a young teenager again. I don’t know why hit I feel like his music is a guilty pleasure — maybe because I never listen to hip-hop. Is that what his genre is even called?

What I’m watching…The Crown on Netflix. It sounds so boring and it is kind of slow — but it is so interesting learning about the royal family and their role in a modern world. Plus, it’s apparently signed off on by the queen which makes me believe everything that happens in it is real. I used to really dislike learning about history, but I’m loving it right now.

— Listen to Kita Alexander’s new single ‘Against The Water’ here.


I have been listening to the new Travis Scott and Kid Cudi collaboration, getting ready for their new album that is hopefully coming soon.

Also Gill Bates, E^ST, and Coterie. A nice combination for getting me up and exercising and then relaxing and unwinding. I have been watching Dave (Lil Dicky’s show) it is incredible. Also, The Last Dance on Netflix!

— Listen to JXN’s ‘Stellar’ here.

Jack Gray

So like the rest of the world, I’ve had more time than ever lately to watch my favourite shows and listen to new music. I just finished watching Ozark for the second time because I love Jason Bateman and the storyline is so well done.

Also I watched a show on HBO called Euphoria recently and was amazed by the cinematography. I’ll definitely be referencing some of the shots for my music videos! And at the moment I’m watching The Last Kingdom cause I’m obsessed with medieval shit! Plus Uthred is a weapon!

I have a few artist that I’m always listening to like The 1975 and Bon Iver and I’ve been blessed with some new stuff from them lately! But I’ve been getting around BENEE a lot at the moment. She has a really unique and cool vibe that feels super refreshing! And I’ve been bumping Dominic Fike heaps as well!

— Listen to Jack Gray here.

San Mei

I’ve actually been having a pretty productive time in insolation so I haven’t done as much binge-watching as I thought I would, but I’m currently obsessed with Westworld — I’m a bit late to the party and only on season one but it’s got me hooked!

Artists I’ve got on high rotation are Dream Wife, The Growlers, The Strokes, Tame Impala, The Horrors, Cherry Glazerr…I’m currently diving into Grimes’ latest album Miss Anthropocene — I think she’s such a visionary and that kind of creativity that doesn’t follow the rules is really inspiring.

That idea is something I feel like I can delve into right now when the usual distractions are gone and there’s not too much else to do but create.

— Listen to San Mei’s ‘Cry’ here.


On rotation: ‘Orchid’ — Jeremy Zucker, ‘If I Believe You’ — The 1975, ‘Older Than I Am’ — Lennon Stella, ‘IDK You Yet’ — Alexander 23, ‘Acid Rain’ — Thomston, ‘The Few Things’ — JP Saxe feat. Charlotte Lawrence, Twenty Something (Stripped) – Nightly, ‘San Marcos’ — Brockhampton, ‘On Me’ — Mulherin feat. Dijon, ‘Nothing’ — Bruno Major, ’21’ — Gracie Abrahams, ‘Ribs’ — Lorde, ‘From The Dining Table’ — Harry Styles, ‘Cayendo’ — Frank Ocean, ‘Saturday Night’ — The Blue Nile

I’ve been listening to a lot of more chill and gentle music in isolation because the world’s so uncertain and stressful — even more than normal — and music like this helps ground me.

I just finished Parks & Recreation and The Good Place (again) the other week — they’re just feel good shows with great writing. I love sitcoms, and Michael Shur is one of the greatest showrunners ever. I also just watched (and very quickly binged through all of) Community for the first time ever and I can say with absolute certainty that it is my favourite show of all time. Seasons one to three anyway.

— Listen to Glades’ new single ‘Vertigo’ here.


During isolation I’ve been trying to watch TV shows that give my mind a bit of a holiday from the gloom of it all, so I’ve been rewatching The Office US and Parks & Recreation. Basically I’ve spent a lot of time laughing. Also, we’ve been blessed with new episodes of Killing Eve, so watching the escapades of a female assassin is a given.

Music escapism is a real thing for me too, so happy songs have been my saviour recently. The 1975 just released ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’ which is probably the boppiest of all bops, so I’ve had that on repeat.

I’ve also been revisiting my favourite albums like Pure Heroine by Lorde and Immunity by Clairo, for some nostalgia and comfort.

— Listen to Hartley’s new single ‘Feel Too Much’ here.

Vetta Borne

Money Heist: Did I watch both seasons in 48 hours? Yes. Am I in love with Tokyo and Denver? Yes.

Elite: If you’re a fan of Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl, this will be your jam. There’s some queer love in it too which always keeps me invested in a series.

Carl Carlton — ‘She’s A Bad Mama Jama’: If you love feeling like a baddie, pump this in the morning when you do your one sit up for the week. That’s what I do, at least.

Mac Miller – ‘My Favourite Part’ (feat. Ariana Grande) (Live): This video pulls on my heart strings. The more you watch it, the more you see the true happiness and warmth that carries in the moment of this video. It’s so beautiful. On repeat forever.

— Listen to Vetta Borne’s new EP Violeta here.


Midnight Gospel: This has been one of the greatest finds. My friend put me onto this Pendelton Ward (creator of Adventure Time) and Duncan Trussell brain baby, that seems to have been created to blow your mind while healing it. The premise is an animated space podcast where our interviewer and protagonist Clancy travels to different simulated planets and interviews individuals that live there. The guests are phenomenal, the animation is cooked, and the soundtrack is fresh.

“Midnight Gospel: The guests are phenomenal, the animation is cooked, and the soundtrack is fresh.”

The Last Dance: Reliving, in our opinion, the greatest era in basketball. J and I have been living for the weekly drop of episodes that give us an in-depth overview of the ‘98 Bulls and the final Year of Michael Jordan’s legacy. Talking to all our favourites (Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Phil Jackson, Grant, Kerr etc.) about the intensity of that year and the careers that brought them there, has been an incredibly informative trip down memory lane that we’ll probably rewatch as soon as it’s over.

Westside Gunn — Pray for Paris: Remi’s been playing this on repeat. After falling head-over heels for Griselda Records at the beginning of last year, this was a welcome drop. The fly god really showed his genius as a curator as much as a creator on this record. It flows seamlessly. The skits are incredible. It’s action packed full of what you’d hope (A healthy sprinkling of Conway and Benny) and every feature you could dream of with Tyler, Joey Bada$$, Joyce Wrice, Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marci and more.

— Listen to REMI’s ‘Elevate’ and ‘Get It Right’ here.

Azure Ryder

I have always loved reading, beautiful words and new worlds to jump into, but the past couple of years I had found it hard to make time to do that. So with isolation I now am reading first thing when I wake up in the morning and just before I go to sleep at night and it has been the most comforting thing knowing although I’m home bound, my mind is still able to wander off into different far away places, and I love it!

I have just read The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Meyes, Grown Ups by Marian Keyes, and The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary — which I loved so much that I am now currently reading Beth O’Leary’s new book The Switch!

My love for the classics is burning ever so brightly right now, it’s been such a thrill listening and rediscovering the stories of some of the most incredible artists of the greatest musical eras. I was searching through my Mum and Dad’s old Vinyl collection, trying to find my favourite album of all time Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, and in doing that I have stumbled upon so much fresh inspiration from the past for my own songwriting.

My evenings have now been spent dancing around to the likes of Jethro Tull, Cream, The Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, The Animals and my all time inspiration Stevie Nicks. So with a book in hand and golden music swaying through my bones, visualising is keeping my wandering soul very much nourished until the time comes for us to fly beyond these four walls!

— Listen to Azure Ryder’s new EP Running With The Wolves here.


Currently listening to The Beatles while in isolation. I haven’t really delved deep into their music in the past. So catching up on songs I might’ve missed. ‘Norwegian Wood’ and the story behind it is wild — I can’t imagine what life was like for those guys.

Also just finished watching a short series on Netflix American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson. I was too young when it actually happened, but watching that series was so eye opening! The US justice system is worlds away from how we do things here. If you watch it and don’t know the story, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

— Listen to Starley’s new single ‘Arms Around Me’ here.

Thandi Phoenix

Like the rest of the world I too was drawn in by the larger than life characters and ridiculous twists and turns of Tiger King. But here’s a list of my other fave binge worthy series during lockdown:

Killing Eve: The third season is back! Murder, Comedy and a twisted romance. What more could you want?

People Just Do Nothing: Is a mockumentary that follows round A collective of UK garage MCs who run an illegal radio station from their council flats. It’s a good watch if you want to switch off and laugh at some dumb shit.

After Life: I love Ricky Gervais’ dark sense of humour — he has wonderful way of combining grief, heartache and comedy.

Drive To Success: I’ve never been that interested in F1 racing but I was hooked on this show from the get go. Fast cars, adrenalin and a look into what it’s like to compete in one of the most fast paced sports

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Step into the the fierce, magical and glittery EXTRAVAGANZAAAA that is Drag Race. If you’re not already acquainted with the series then honey, tuck in. You’re in for treat as there’s 10 seasons just waiting for you to binge — you’re welcome.

— Listen to Thandi Phoenix’s new single ‘Freefall’ here.

Alex The Astronaut

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy and listening to all the music I can find, but it’s mostly been the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack.

I’ve just finished all 16 seasons and it’s an achievement that I feel truly proud of. I’ve also started landscape gardening and building and am obsessed with drilling into the walls. I made an outdoor cinema and since there’s no more things to make my roommate and I are thinking of building an extra story on our rental property. I’m sure the landlord will be very pleased.

— Listen to Alex The Astronaut’s new single ‘Split The Sky’ here.

Creed Tha Kid

Throughout iso I’ve been jamming this Netflix series called Midnight Gospel — similar to Adventure Time but about a space-caster who is stuck in his thoughts. There’s also this anime 7Seeds, which shows the journey of survivors after a meteorite.

As far as the bangers I’m listening too, Travis Scott, and Da Baby’s new album is pretty fire, but I’ve just been bumping all the old school heaters like Justin Timberlake’s Justified album and Craig David’s Born To Do It.

— Listen to Creed Tha Kid’s new single ‘Hot Topic’ here.

Lara Andallo

I’ve been throwing it back heaps and listening to artists like Musiq Soulchild, Ashanti, and Lauryn Hill. Everything just feels a bit more wholesome when I’ve got old school R&B going.

I’ve also been bumping Kiana Lede’s new album KIKI, as you can probably tell. I posted a cheeky little IG cover of one of the album tracks, ‘Cancelled’.

It’s been interesting to see how different people are dealing with isolation on YouTube as well. I follow heaps of self-development/motivational channels, which have all made me realise it’s totally ok and normal to feel whatever you need to feel during a global pandemic.

— Listen to Lara Andallo’s new single ‘when the lights go out’ here.

Eco $ystem

I’ve been listening to YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Lil Jaye, JACKBOYS, Lil Durk, Future, Fivio, and Pop Smoke — and when I’m not vibing out to music I’m in my room watching anime (Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, One Punch Man or Hero Academy) other than that I’m just on YouTube watching music videos just to get me through this boredom. But most times I just be writing music and poems to get past time.

— Listen to Eco $ystem’s new single ‘Devil Persona’ here.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Mazzy Star in lockdown, their album So Tonight That I May See in particular.  The lead singer Hope Sandoval has one of those voices that just takes me somewhere else. Lockdown can be hard at times so its nice to escape now and then.

I don’t really watch a lot of TV but i just finished watching Normal People which really floored me, the story is kind of familiar in the way they both seem tethered to each other by their history — the two leads are amazing as well, it’s quite intense but definitely worth a watch.

— Listen to Joesef’s new single ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’ here.


Music has been fairly abundant while in isolation. There’s a lot of great stuff floating around, and I’m sure there will be even more great music in the near future as a result of all of this.

Right now I’ve been listening a lot to the new Tame Impala album. It really couldn’t have come at a better time. To me it feels just as timeless as Currents. The songwriting and composition throughout is so interesting that it just lacks the ability to get old. Also on my repeat list is the new Tool album Fear Inoculum, and Joyryde’s new album BRAVE. Both of which I extract a huge amount of inspiration from for my own music.

As for what I’ve been watching, I love cooking as my little escape so I find solace in cooking shows like The Chef Show, Ugly Delicious and Chefs Table. I also really love The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes and Grand Designs.

But my real dramatic splurge is through the Sherlock Holmes series right now. I love UK television. I resonate with the fact that it’s a less crude and in your face style of TV, and Sherlock Holmes is so cleverly done.

Other than that, I’m watching my plants grow…

— Listen to Blanke’s new single ‘Control’ here.


I did a big room clean the other day which gave me a chance to listen to a few albums on my CD player all the way through. It was cool ‘cos I don’t get the chance to do that a whole lot but when I do I love it!

I listened to In Colour by Jamie XX, Malibu by Anderson .Paak and Glitterbug by The Wombats which all remind me so much of when I was 16. I also listened to the new Bladee album Exeter which was very nice! Haven’t really been watching much though….I’m not a huge TV show person.

— Listen to Ninajirachi’s new single ‘Cut The Rope’ here.

Evie Irie

I’m honestly not really big on listening to music usually…I have such specific standards and tastes for songs and I’m always working on new music, and I don’t like to take inspiration from what’s happening sonically at the time.

Now that I’m not in the studio I’ve been listening to Role Model, Girl In Red, Mehro, Roy Blair, Safario and some old timers like Alanis Morissette and Kate Bush.

My taste in shows and movies is horrendous…I’ll watch almost everything teenage romcom and anything with Timothée Chalamet in it.

— Listen to Evie Irie’s new single ‘Worst Enemy’ here.


I love Rick Rubin’s podcast Broken Record. Particular faves are the interviews he’s done with Andre 3000 and Pharrell. He’s such a sage, his voice is so mellow and therapeutic, and there’s a new one he’s done with Kevin Parker. So I guess that’s the most recent one I’ve listened to.

It’s nice to hear how normal people you admire are and getting insight into their creative process; they just do what they do in their own way.

I succumbed and watched Tiger King and I’m not sure how to articulate what I feel about it, stranger than fiction for sure.

There are quite a few records being released but it’s been fun to listen to people who haven’t released in a while and visiting their old discography after listening to their new one, like Fiona Apple and The Strokes.

— Listen to CLYPSO’s new single with RAAVE TAPES, ‘Down To The Wire’, here.