A Very Good Dog Has Become The Beautiful Face Of Ireland’s Historic Referendum

A pure pup to celebrate a wonderful victory.

This weekend, Ireland had a historic win when a campaign to overturn the country’s constitutional ban on abortion was resoundingly supported in a national referendum.

Over two-thirds of Irish voters supported the ‘Yes’ campaign, which will lead to the repeal of the controversial eighth amendment to Ireland’s constitution, effectively ending the country’s ban on abortion. The eighth amendment, introduced in 1983, enshrined in Irish law the equal right to life of a mother and her unborn child. Its repeal will mark a significant victory for women’s rights in Ireland.

In the lead-up to the Irish Referendum, thousands of Irish people living abroad flew home so they could cast their ballot, sharing their stories using the hashtag #HomeToVote.

And as people waited for the vote be confirmed on Saturday evening, a giant and anxious crowd gathered outside Dublin Castle to hear the results. Perhaps as a result of the stress and anticipation of the huge, important vote, people went absolutely mad when a gorgeous hound was hoisted into the air, like Simba from The Lion King.

Mob mentality usually gets such a bad rep, with people perhaps focusing too strongly on their tendency to burn down the ungodly creations of the local mad scientist — but as this lovely dog proves, sometimes a mob can be channeled into something good and pure.

A big crowd of autonomy loving voters going mad for a good boy is honestly the best mob content we’ve seen.

The dog has since been identified as breed of dog known as a Vizsla, named Noah. Noah is perfect.