In 2018, The Entirety Of Australia Was Thirsty For The Hemsworths On Instagram

Funny how insanely hot famous people are always the most-liked.

instagram 2018 review

It’s December meaning every single app and online service is releasing their end of year data dumps in order to give us all a snapshot of a year in ~culture~ or whatever and it’s now Instagram’s turn. Surprise fucking surprise in 2018 Aussies were thirstier than ever for handsome brick shithouse Chris Hemsworth.

Daddy Hemmo took out the highly esteemed (?) trophy of Most-Liked Australian Instagram post of 2018 with this birthday themed pic featuring his bonerific jawline and dreamy ocean-blue eyes garnering a sneaky 3.5 million likes. Oh and his lovely wife is there too:

Much like how he has for the majority of his life, Liam Hemsworth came in as runner-up to his own brother, and fellow insanely attractive Aussie actor Margot Robbie took out the third spot:

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Enough about rich people though, what about us poor plebs who are lucky to break double digits on a perfectly posed selfie? Well, it looks like we all spent a lot of time playing hotdogs or legs this year with the number one tagged location for most states being a beach of some variety. Except for Victoria which is a museum, because of course it is.

Sydney’s Bondi beach also took out the most ‘Grammed landmark overall, ahead of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and oh look, Darling Harbour. Harbours? We fucking love ’em.

Top five Australian Landmarks

Bondi Beach
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour
Darling Harbour
National Gallery of Victoria

Top five beaches in Australia

Bondi Beach
Byron Bay (Main Beach)
Manly Beach
Surfer’s Paradise Beach
St Kilda Beach

Top locations in each state/territory

NSW – Bondi Beach
VIC – National Gallery of Victoria
QLD – South Bank
SA – Glenelg Beach
NT – Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park
ACT – National Gallery of Australia
WA – Rottnest Island

In great news for anyone who gives a shit about the frankly exhausting and pointless Sydney vs Melbourne debate, the most used hashtags in Aus this year give the southern city boasting rights. Also, the number one hashtag in the country was #Love, which Instagram reckons is because “love is still in the air in Australia”. OK!

Top five most-used hashtags


It was apparently a big ol’ lovefest around the rest of the world as well, no doubt a push back to the daily horrors global news unfurled on our timelines. The love emoji alone was used in Instagram comments 14 billion times, which once adjusted for the anomaly of my personal comments on Zac Efron’s posts, still leaves 13 billion uses of it.

Check out the global highlights below which, much like Pornhub’s Year in Review, sees a huge spike in Fortnite related content.

Instagram’s 2018 Year in Review around the world

Most Used Face Filter in Instagram Stories: Heart Eyes
Most Used Giphy Sticker on Instagram Stories: Heart Love Sticker by Arata
Number of times ❤️ was used in comments: 14 billion
Happiest Geotagged Location in the World (highest use of 🙂 in the caption): Disneyland Tokyo
Top Niche Community Trend: ASMR
Highest Growth Hashtag Community: #fortnite
Top Fandom Community: BTS
Top Dance Movement: #inmyfeelingschallenge
Top Advocacy Hashtags: #metoo, #timesup, #marchforourlives

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