Inspirational Quotes Paired With Photos Of Shirtless Vladimir Putin Is Instagram’s Greatest Gift

"You only get out what you Putin." #Putinspiraton is about to change your life.

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It’s just over an hour old, has zero followers and only five posts, but I’m calling it: @putinspiration, an account pairing shirtless publicity photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin with inspirational quotations, is the best thing Instagram has ever produced.

Do not try to argue with me here. There is no argument to be had.

Keep it in mind. #inspiration #fitspo #health

A photo posted by Vlad (@putinspiration) on

This dropped into my lap, from out of nowhere, twenty minutes ago via email from a Gmail account named ‘Putin Spiration.’ It has zero followers. No one knows about this. We are among the first human beings to lay eyes on this content, and that is a blessing I am unable to put into words. Or … Putin … to words.

?????????? #swim #swimspiration #workout #health A photo posted by Vlad (@putinspiration) on

Is this how the New Horizons team at NASA felt when the first hi-res images of Pluto came back? This sense of wonder, of being part of something so much larger than yourself? I feel as if I could reach up and pluck a star from the firmament.

This is a gift.

You can’t put a sanction on self-confidence #russia #horses #inspiration #self

A photo posted by Vlad (@putinspiration) on

So powerful. So wise.

Ignore the #haters when they tell you ‘hey, you can’t go there’ #kale #isagenix #inspiration

A photo posted by Vlad (@putinspiration) on

Please follow this account. If you don’t have Instagram, get it, and follow this account. Set alerts so every time it makes a new post you know about it. It will be the best decision of your life.

Because sometimes you’re your only ally. #friends #relationships #inspired #confidence

A photo posted by Vlad (@putinspiration) on

Go. Do it now. Putin the effort. It’s what he’d want.