The Songs From ‘Inside’ By Bo Burnham Are Finally On Streaming Services

The wait is over.

bo burnham inside review photo

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It’s only been a little over a week since Inside, the new special by Bo Burnham, hit Netflix, and the thing has already been heralded as a changing point in the form.

Shot, written, edited and choreographed by Burnham himself, Inside is a kind of pandemic diary in which the stand-up tears himself — and his artform — apart. Think Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette but filled with more songs and self-destruction and you’re on the right path.

Speaking of the songs, Inside boasts some of the most original and inspired tunes of Burnham’s entire career. There’s ‘Welcome to the Internet’, a paean to the strangeness of the online world; a multitude of tunes about Amazon head Jeff Bezos; and the immensely popular ‘White Woman’s Instagram’, a skewering of the ways we decide to represent ourselves online.

From the very moment that Inside dropped, fans online were enamoured with the tunes, desperately waiting for the time they would be released on Spotify and could be consumed over and over.

And well, the time is right now — the Inside album is currently available for streaming, so you can listen to a heartbreaking ditty about turning 30 as many times as you possibly can.

Listen to the album in full here: