“Stream ‘Señorita'”: Iggy Azalea Is Trying To Block Lizzo From Breaking Her Chart Record

Iggy is on a rampage after Lizzo apparently 'forgot' that she was responsible for 'Fancy'.

Lizzo Iggy Azalea beef photo

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Say what you will about Iggy Azalea’s flailing rap career, but her Twitter beefs are unfailingly entertaining.

Earlier this year, she got stuck into Guy Sebastian over his comments about their time as judges on The Voice, labelling him a complete liar and signing off with the immortal line: “Best of luck with you and your fedoras!”


Now, Azalea is busy firing off tweets about Lizzo, who side swiped her after failing to mention her name when talking about ‘Fancy’, instead only name-checking Charli XCX. Lizzo was trying to drum up support for her single ‘Truth Hurts‘, which is only two weeks away from being the longest running female rap number one single of all time on the Billboard charts. She, somewhat shadily, pointed out that the current record holder is ‘Fancy’:

She then hastily clarified, realising she probably had just insulted her collab partner and label mate Charli XCX, who co-wrote and featured on the 2014 hit.

Now look, perhaps she didn’t mean to leave out Iggy — or perhaps she definitely did, given Iggy’s less than perfect relationship with the hip-hop community and the wildly ignorant comments she’s made about cultural appropriation and black rap history.

Whatever it was, Iggy noticed the omission, and began tweeting.

Iggy Azalea lizzo beef photo

Those tweets have since been deleted. You also might have noticed that Iggy’s twitter name is now “stream señorita” — a deliberate troll towards Lizzo, as Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ single ‘Señorita’ is snapping at the heels of ‘Truth Hurts’ on the charts.

At the time of writing, Iggy is still rapidly tweeting at her fans to stream ‘Señorita’, in among tweets declaring that it’s all a big joke (but please still stream the song, please).

Who knows, maybe she is joking, maybe she is pissed. All we know is that it makes for great twitter entertainment.


You might not know it, but Iggy actually dropped an album a couple of months back. Called ‘In My Defense’, it dropped in mid-July to fairly negative reviews all round, only peaking at #50 on the Billboard charts. Lizzo’s latest album, Cuz I Love You, has been holding steady in the top 10 since it landed back in April; she’s set to tour Australia with FOMO Festival next January.