Iconic Viral Video ‘Beached Az’ Is Back With A New Series

And you can watch it first on Junkee.

Beached Az on Junkee in 2019

The internet in 2008 was a different place. Twitter was good and Donald Trump was still just a reality TV star, there wasn’t a constant sense of impending doom, and a big blue whale who suddenly found himself ‘beached az bro’ was all the entertainment we needed.

You probably remember watching the original Beached Az video — then known simply as ‘Beached Whale’ — on a computer in your school or university’s library. The little clip, created by the same Aussie writers who brought us the Bondi Hipsters and Trent From Punchy, went viral around the world, racking up more than 9 million views on Youtube.

The original viral video spawned an ABC series that aired in 2009, and to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary, the team is launching a new season with some help from Screen Australia.

The new season will be more environmentally conscious than the original, with each episode tackling an issues relating to ocean health. Which is nice. Go them. In their unique style, the Beached Az crew will tackle topics like global warming, over-fishing, farmed-fishing, careless marine engineering, micro-biology, pollution, coral bleaching, environmental neglect, and the-old-chest-nut... unchecked-capitalism (to name a few). Sounds like a real hoot.

The new series is set to premiere in March 2019, and every episode will be drop on Junkee’s Facebook page first. Speaking of which, check out the trailer below.

Beached Az is back!

10 years since the original viral video, Beached Az returns in 2019! Watch it first on Junkee.

Posted by Junkee on Wednesday, 12 December 2018