The Most Delightfully Sassy Account On Twitter Belongs To Iceland’s Official Cricket Team?

They love feuding with other extremely cold countries.

Iceland Cricket

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Twitter is an ever burning garbage-fire, populated by a complex hierarchy of fools, desperate jokesters, edgy inner-city Melbourne philosophy students and angry fast-food brands. But somewhere amongst the billowing noxious fumes and the crackling bin-juice of hot takes, are cool breaths of fresh air. Meet Iceland Cricket.

I don’t know if there’s a rich history of wonderful cricket teams on Twitter creating fire content that I’ve been sleeping on, and frankly I will never bother to find out.

But it’s much more likely that Iceland Cricket has lucked into a wonderful social media manager. Are they professional? Are they a member of the cricket team with a desire to expand their skills? Is it some sort of sassy niece? Who knows. It’s not important.

What is important is that the account pumps out some absolutely beautiful content — fermenting some weirdly pure online beefs with other cricket teams, and pushing the probably fake theory that Iceland was actually the original home of cricket, invented by Vikings in 911 AD.

They LOVE gentle Twitter feuds.

Guernsey will never recover from these burns tbh. Suck it, Guernsey.

Cricket is a relatively new to Iceland. There are currently only two teams in the whole country — the Reykjavík Vikings and Kópavogur Puffins, with expatriate players in the majority. The two teams were formed out of necessity, as they lacked anyone else within the Arctic Circle to play against with enough regularity to make it worthwhile.

As this profile on the team says:

“The aim is to have cricket all year round, but that turns out to be easier said than done. From mid-May to mid-August, the sun only sets for three hours every day …  In the remaining months, it’s pitch dark apart from five hours each day.”

However, despite the unique challenges of sport in a country north of The Wall, they have big dreams of whacking the little leather ball better than every other country in the galaxy.

And while they’re doing so, they’re also posting good wholesome content.