Asian People Are Speaking Out About Coronavirus Racism With #IAmNotAVirus

"The corona virus doesn’t give anyone the right to be racist and xenophobic."


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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our response to the virus has taught Asian-Australians one thing — barely concealed racism lies very close to the surface for many people.

As the virus spread, so did the number of racist incidents that Asians across the world have reported.

In January a man in Sydney’s Chinatown collapsed and died — it was reported that no one performed CPR because they thought he may have coronavirus.

Last month some patients also refused to be seen by Asian doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

That’s not to mention the everyday experiences of people being verbally — and sometimes physically — abused while they try to go about their lives.

Globally it’s become such a problem the World Health Organisation even had to issue a full page statement on how to stop the spread of “stigmatism“.

In response, the Twitter hashtag #IAmNotAVirus has gone viral, with people across the world sharing their own experiences.

Aside from blatant racism, the subtle impacts have also had a big impact; Chinese restaurants have reported a drop in business, and some have been forced to close. Some people have also used the hashtag to show solidarity with people who have been racially abused, and it’s even spread from the Twittersphere to the real world.

So remember people; wash your hands, stop touching your face, and don’t be a dick to Asian people.