Katya And Trixie’s ‘I Like To Watch’ Series Is The Funniest Show On YouTube

"The whole hallway smells like cum" lives in my mind rent-free.

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Drag Race and Netflix seem to go hand-in-hand.

Sure, Stan is the place where you can stream basically every single episode and related spin-off in the Drag Race franchise, but Netflix has given many of the queens from the series an opportunity to act in real roles.

Ginger Minj starred in the musical comedy Dumplin’ alongside Jennifer Aniston, Jiggly Caliente was a series regular in Pose, the Netflix miniseries Tales of the City featured Bob The Drag Queen acting next to Elliot Page and Laura Linney, and Alyssa Edwards even got her own docu-series titled Dancing Queen in 2018.

Then, of course, there was Netflix production AJ and the Queen which not only starred a number of Drag Race alumni but even RuPaul herself. Basically, Netflix has produced some real bangers with some of the most iconic people from Drag Race. 

But there is one Netflix production that is far superior than the rest: I Like To Watch with Katya Zamolodchikova and Trixie Mattel.

There’s no denying that Katya and Trixie are easily one of the best, and funniest, by-products of Drag Race — and that’s obvious in the pair’s very successful web series UNHhhh.

But in 2019, Netflix partnered with Trixie and Katya to create a web series for YouTube that features the queens watching and reacting to a current Netflix production or classic film hosted on the streaming platform.

While watching a couple of random drag queens react to a new show you’ve probably never seen may sound a little too hard to wrap your head around, I can promise you it’s not. In fact, there have been many times where watching Trixie and Katya poke fun at a throwaway scene in some random show that has made me open up Netflix right after and start watching.

Exhibit A: This random frame from makeup reality series Glow Up that left the queens fixated for an entire I Like To Watch episode, which now lives rent-free in my mind.

Beyond this random model, who has since become a running gag on the series since Trixie literally framed his face, this show is also where Katya picked up on her chaotic “DING!! DONG!!” catchphrase.

There is just something so joyous about watching two best friends silently cackle over such small details — and thankfully, that’s basically the entire premise of I Like To Watch. 

With most episodes running for around 20 minutes, it’s surprising how much actual plot rundown Katya and Trixie are able to squeeze in between their chaotic and often unbelievably horny jokes. Even more surprising is how R-rated a lot of I Like To Watch feels despite being on the branded Netflix YouTube channel.

Strangely, with a whopping 42 episodes under their belt, only one I Like To Watch episode has been removed from the Netflix channel: Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings or, as it’s known to fans, the infamous “the whole hallway smells like cum” episode.

Even though Trixie Mattel is a Dolly Parton stan, the Dolly episode was just so unbelievably dirty that it disappeared off the channel before it was reuploaded by a legend with great taste. But I simply cannot stress enough how essential this viewing is for Katya and Trixie stans.

The Heartstrings episode itself just tells the story of a closeted man returning to his hometown for his sister’s wedding and isn’t anything to write home about, but the pair’s commentary is just unmatched here and it’s worth watching the entire thing if you have a spare 14 minutes.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: if you need an escape from the world with some silly but unbelievably funny content given by two fabulously dressed drag queens then I Like To Watch is your new favourite unofficial Netflix show.

Plus, no two episodes are the same thanks to producers pulling out the most random pieces of content imaginable. So, one week Katya and Trixie are reviewing the lavish wealth, bitchiness, and beauty on Selling Sunset and the next they’re dissecting the royal family on Season 3 of The Crown. 

But the best part is being able to watch Katya and Trixie genuinely enjoy themselves while they watch these shows. And even though they were apart during the pandemic, Katya and Trixie were still able to deliver their hilarious I Like To Watch reviews for fans by filming from home.

While it doesn’t quite hit the same when the pair aren’t able to slap each other around while dying of laughter, the show still managed to stay entertaining which is just a testament to how good the pair’s comedy actually is.

Thankfully, since the US became more and more vaccinated, Katya and Trixie were reunite for their most recent episodes which is the exact serotonin boost we all need. So start watching I Like To Watch if you feel like laughing until you can’t breathe.

You can watch I Like To Watch on the Netflix YouTube channel here