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Bad news! Facebook has made the dramatic move to ban publishers and users in Australia from sharing or viewing any news articles on its platform in response to the Morrison government’s proposed media bargaining laws.

This means that Junkee and Music Junkee, your beloved home of news, pop-culture, entertainment, music, and other nonsense, can no longer share our stuff over Facebook, and you can’t read it there either. While Facebook is definitely a toxic playground for conspiracy theory mums and anti-vax dads and 9/11 truther uncles, it is unfortunately a very popular medium for people to find the latest news.

This means it’s gonna be harder for you to find our articles, which we tailor for our audience of engaged young people. It means it will be harder to find our excellent columns, our extremely fun recaps, our pop-culture deep dives, our horny nonsense.

But never fear — because when Zuckerberg closes a door, we all scurry through various other windows, like the delightful swarm of rodents that we are.

Here’s how you can read Junkee’s content that you love and tolerate on other mediums.

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