How To Make Contact With Aliens: An Interview With Conspiracy Theorist Kerry Cassidy

"They contact people at night. They wake you up. That’s usually the way they operate."

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People consider Kerry Cassidy to be the real life Fox Mulder. She travels the world speaking to people who claim to know secrets that undermine the conventional conception of reality. I’m not just talking government cover-ups, Illuminati, and top-secret technology. I’m talking covert missions to other galaxies, an ecosystem of alien races, and inter-dimensional political structures controlling our minds.

But unlike Fox Mulder, Cassidy doesn’t have the institutional clout of an FBI behind her. Instead she has the Internet. Her website, Project Camelot, is an insanely comprehensive collection of first-hand accounts from people who have seen “the truth”. To celebrate Cassidy’s work, aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney is presenting a show called ‘We, the Muse’, a multimedia art exhibition that seeks to explore the subjects of control, conspiracy and the secrets of the cosmos.

When I spoke to Cassidy earlier this week, she told me that her work is more like investigative journalism than FBI investigations. Her specialty is talking to whistleblowers; people who once had access to what she calls “above top secret” information, and who have since revealed it. Think Julian Assange and Edward Snowden — but instead of government documents, these people are leaking facts about Earth/alien alliances. “I’m talking way above secret,” Cassidy says. “Snowden and Assange are just touching the surface of our surveillance society. It goes so much deeper than that.”

Cassidy speaks with a great sense of personal assurance, and she knows her stuff. I could’ve asked her about any one of the more famous conspiracy theories – 9/11, Kennedy’s assassination, the moon landing – but what I was really interested in, what I’ve always been interested in, is aliens.

Fortunately for me, aliens are probably Cassidy’s main area of expertise. When I asked her if she had ever met anyone who had met an alien, she just laughed. “Of course,” she said, like it was the stupidest question ever. “You have to understand that all of our above top secret whistleblowers have had contact with ET (extraterrestrial life) in one way or another.”

Oscar: And what about you? Have you met an alien?

Cassidy: Yes, I have been contacted by various ET races. In my case it was not so much in the “here and now” — in the sense that I don’t have direct memory recall of the event. It feels more like remembering a dream. But I’ll spend all night talking to an ET. It’s not so shocking.

Oscar: I’ve always wanted to make contact with aliens. Is there anything I can do to encourage contact?

Cassidy: First of all, you’ve probably already made contact with various races of ET and don’t know it. Let me explain: We are descended from and genetically related to many ET races. In fact, there are at least twelve ET races that contributed their DNA to making up the human genome. So in a certain sense, you could be related to ET, and they might have contacted you as relatives. You may not have conscious recall but if you’ve ever had dreams of people who seem familiar but that you’ve never met – flashes, visions – that could all be ET communicating with you.

Basically, if you want to have contact, I suggest that you probably already have. You’re open to it. But if you want to make it more conscious, just put it out there. They contact people at night. They wake you up. That’s usually the way they operate.

“They contact people at night. They wake you up. That’s usually the way they operate.”

Also, I recommend that you meditate. Do it for a short time every day, and you will begin to get answers to questions you didn’t know you had. You will find it easier to acknowledge that we cannot be the only race of life in the multi-verse. Once you wrap your mind around how gigantic the multi-verse in which we dwell is, you acknowledge that just as we have species on earth, there must be other species in this great expanse. All of this can send you down the rabbit hole, as we call it.

Oscar: Okay. But what should I keep my eye out for? How will I know an alien when I meet it?

Cassidy: It depends what race of ET you’re dealing with. There are literally hundreds of acknowledged ET races now. To say what they look like would be a huge generalisation.

Of course, there is the common grey ET, the one that’s in all the movies. Skinny arms and skinny legs; indeterminate sex; very large heads with slanted black eyes. But that’s just one type. Oh, and by the way, usually the common grey is an artificially intelligent robot. They are not biological entities but are programmable biological entities — basically robots handling abductions for another race of ET. And the common grey shouldn’t be confused with another group of blue greys, that look almost the same but are taller and have more defined facial features.

But then there are many humanoid groups, like the Nordics and those from Aldebaran [an orange giant star 65 light years away]. They look something like what a Nazi was supposed to look like: tall, blonde, blue eyes and big muscles.

Then there is the man from Andromeda [galaxy] who contacted me. He sat next to my bed all night talking to me, and then when I woke up I said, “Wait! Where are you from?” He said, “Andromeda”, then left. He was a little old man. Smallish guy, with a balding head. He just looked human.

Then there are mermaids or merpeople, humanoid ET with the typical mermaid fin. Or they may have webbed hands and feet. I could go on. There are so many different ET species.

Oscar: Why don’t all of these aliens make contact with us in a more overt way? Why are they hiding?

“In the past, some nations have made deals with very negative races of ET in exchange for technology that has caused great damage.”

Cassidy: When there’s a world like Earth, there are certain safeguards put in place by higher dimensional beings to maintain the status quo. We are in an ecosystem in space that involves many planets and races of beings that are dependent on one another on various levels. It’s a vast sort of playing field.

So, some of the powers that be believe that these things are kept away from us for our own good. In the past, some nations on earth have made deals with very negative races of ET in exchange for technology that has caused great damage on Earth. There are exo-political reasons for why this knowledge is kept from the average person. It’s about dominance and power structures. It’s about maintaining the status quo.

Oscar: Once you become aware of this, to go on existing in society as it is must be difficult. Does it feel like everyone else is delusional?

Cassidy: Oh sure. But you know, if you’ve seen The Matrix movies then you can understand the concept that there might be a lot more going on in our reality; that it’s much more multidimensional than we give it credit for. Anyone who has ever felt a little bit on the outside, a little bit alternative, will know what that feels like.

I mean, in our society there is so much truth that is not acknowledged, there is so much that we don’t talk about. How could we acknowledge something like the ET reality, if we’re so afraid of other types of truths?

Oscar: This might be naive, but I always imagined that when humans come into contact with aliens we would, in a way, feel united by our human-ness.

Cassidy: Being united as humans on planet Earth is a nice way of looking at the future, but it is a little naive because there are other ET races who claim to have been on Earth longer than humans. We are dealing with races that don’t have our best interest in mind.

However, it’s true that the people who know about the reality I’m talking about do basically exist in a brotherhood and sisterhood. It is a community. It’s all over the Internet. In a sense, we are a family. That has come to the fore. I would argue that nothing should be secret. Everything needs to be accessible to the mainstream.

Oscar: Are you hopeful this will happen in your lifetime?

Cassidy: I believe disclosure is happening as we speak. As of today, you have become one of those people disclosing the truth. Anyone who’s out there talking about this is part of a disclosure effort. We no longer have to rely on authorities to tell us what is or isn’t true. We can find out the truth and share it on the Internet.

Consciousness is raising around the planet. People are not believing their leaders or the news. If you look closely, you’ll begin to see things. It’s escalating as we speak.

‘We, The Muse’ opens at Sydney’s aMBUSH Gallery on Friday November 21, from 6pm. Kerry Cassidy will be presenting her talk on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November (10am-2pm). Purchase $30 tickets here.

Oscar Schwartz is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. He writes about how technology is changing what it means to be a human. He blogs about it here, and tweets regularly @scarschwartz.