How To Handle Last Minute Study Without Getting Overwhelmed

Firstly: don't panic. OK, maybe panic a little.

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So you left all of your study till the last minute. Welcome to the life of a student.

It’s easy to get completely blown away by the enormity of it all and just hide underneath your doona forever and ever. But, look: you simply have to pass. You don’t want to take this subject again next year and you’ve already come so far. So, what now?

Take a deep breath, crack your knuckles and get strategic.

#1 Figure Out What You Can Realistically Study

You only have a limited amount of time. You can’t possibly study every single thing on the syllabus right now so prioritise the areas you think will be the most important.

Surely your lecturer covered the outline of what will be tested in your last lecture or tute? Study that. Or start by studying the area you’re most interested in and then branch out to another slightly more interesting topic. Pick three or four areas and study them well.

Plan your next two or three days around study and set out proper times for it like you would a proper shift at work. Then stick to them.

#2 Ask Around For Notes Like A Total Scab

Sure, it’s really annoying to be asked by the class bludger for your notes. It’s even more shameful to be said bludger. But honestly, you have no time to lose. You need to get those notes ASAP. Just promise you’ll buy your mate a coffee or a giant bottle of vodka in return.

#3 Stop Talking About How Screwed You Are

If you keep telling yourself that this is the most terrible thing to have ever happened, you’re going to feel helpless. And feeling helpless will stop you from getting things done.

You need to feel hopeful and ready to tackle anything because tbh, you totally can. You might not get the type of marks you could have if you had – ahem – actually studied from the start of semester, but you’ll still do OK! There’s no reason you can’t feasibly pass if you get really smart about it.

#4 Don’t Pull An All-Nighter Before The Exam

In fact, don’t even stay up late. You need your brain to get heaps of sleep so it works perfectly on the day. Your brain is like a deep trove of information and if the conditions are right (sleep, good food, exercise), you’ll be surprised with the information it can give to you.

#5 Don’t Think Or Talk About How You Think You Did Afterwards

The exam is done and dusted. You did all you could. It might not have been the best, but it’s finished. Try and move on so you can enjoy your holidays properly and worry about this later on.

#6 Eat Well, Take Care Of Yourself, Meditate, Etc

You know you should be doing all of that stuff anyway but here’s another gentle reminder. Be good to yourself.

(Lead image: The Simpsons/FOX)