Can You Pass Our Extremely Difficult Hottest 100 Quiz?

It's very, very hard.

hottest 100 2019 photo triple j

In a few days time, music fans around the country will tune their dusty radios to triple j for the annual Hottest 100.

This year is going to be close – triple j revealed a couple of weeks back that only a couple of dozen votes were separating the tracks at #3 and #4. Regardless of whether that holds true, it’s going to be a big year: if Denzel Curry’s cover ‘Bulls On Parade’ wins — as is widely predicted — it will be the first time a ‘Like A Version’ has topped the countdown.

If, however, Billie Eilish comes through with ‘bad guy’, or Mallrat does with ‘Charlie’, it will be the first time a solo female act has won. Whatever way the votes end up landing, it’s going to be historic.

And in other very exciting news, triple j today announced it will hold a Hottest 100 of the Decade poll in March – a truly terrifying notion given how hard it is to whittle down even a year’s worth of music to a 10-song shortlist.

So in the spirit of the Hottest 100, we’ve created a very, very difficult quiz to test out your knowledge of the world’s largest musical democracy. Hint: we recently published an article that contains a fair few of the answers, in case you feel the need to cheat.

And if you don’t know already, the Hottest 100 kicks off at midday (AEDT) this Saturday, January 25.