Triple J Just Dropped Some Juicy Stats About This Year’s Hottest 100

Can you make out the winner from these clues?

hottest 100 2020 statistics

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Voting is done, the polls are closed, and now all we have to do is sit tight for 24 hours until the full Hottest 100 of 2020 is revealed.

We have some idea of the tracks which we’ll be seeing up the pointy end — Warm Tunas, the social media vote aggregator, has placed Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’ at the top of the pile, followed by Ball Park Music’s ‘Cherub’ and Spacey Jane’s ‘Booster Seat’.

But of course, that’s only an estimation — Warm Tunas has mixed up the results a few times over the years, although it more or less has been on the money for what songs will be in the top 20.

To help you gaze into the crystal ball, triple j have just released a bunch of stats from this year’s countdown. For instance, this year 66 songs from local acts have made it into the final list, which ties with 2016 as the most Australian entries in one countdown.

Twenty six artists are making their Hottest 100 debut this year, while two artists are set to appear in their seventh consecutive countdown — six more will be making their fourth consecutive appearance.

January has emerged as the biggest month for Hottest 100 entries, and there are 61 ‘fucks’ featured in 19 songs — a stat which triple j always include and no one knows why. More interestingly, three artists will have back-to-back songs in the poll.

So there you go — get out your serial killer pinboard and try and piece that all together. Or just wait until the countdown happens — tune in from midday January 23 on triple j, the Hottest 200 will happen at the same time the following day.