Everyone Is Thirsty For Aladdin’s Hot Jafar So Clean-Up On Aisle Internet Please

Daddy Jafar.

hot jafar header

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If there’s one thing this here internet is good at in 2018, it’s being incredibly, unapologetically thirsty. Perhaps as a pushback to the world wide web’s decline into a nightmarish playground for hurling abuse, presidential meltdowns and, you know, Nazis, the internet has honestly never been so god damn horny and we here at Junkee are all for it. Point and case is today’s latest thirstpiration that we’re 100% on board with: Hot Jafar.

A slew of brand new photos from the upcoming live-action reboot of classic Disney animation Aladdin dropped online this morning and whilst many were chucking tantrums about Will Smith’s underwhelming looking Genie, true appreciators of pop culture where discussing something far more important. Jafar is hot now. Hot. Jafar.

Yep, the beloved camp villain Jafar is hot now. The mischievous advisor to the Sultan is a snacc. He’s a daddy and he’s a svelte slab of intimidating hotness.

Jafar could cast whatever god damn spell he wants on me to be completely honest. Seriously, put me in whatever slutty outfit you want and lock me up in a giant hourglass all you want Daddy, I’m yours.

Jafar 2.0’s hotness is so severe many are struggling to see how the new movie could possibly stick to the original plotline which sees Princess Jasmine choosing Aladdin over the nefarious trickster. Surely with a bod that rockin’ Jasmine would simply be like “OK SURE YES PLEASE” the second he offers his hand in marriage.

Hot Jafar forever. Forget Aladdin, forget Abu, forget that sassy ass tiger, in 2018 we stan Jafar and Jafar alone.

Agreed. Catch up on the rest of the new photos here and get pumped for “Hot Jafar” starring Jafar and hopefully no one else, when the movie lands May 23rd.