Horrible Tinder Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Love Life

Cringes forever.

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There are a few people who know the highs and lows of Tinder better than most. If you’re bummed about being single, here are a few ladies who have tinder horror stories that will make you think your love life isn’t so bad.

Read ’em and weep (with laughter).

Baby Face Blues

“So, me and this guy had been talking on Tinder for a while. He was a little older than people I usually date (26) but things were going pretty well so we decided to meet up. He added me on Facebook and must have been stalking my profile, because a few hours before we were supposed to meet up he messaged me saying, You’re really gorgeous, but you look way too young in your Facebook photos so I’m going to have to pass. Sorry.” I’m 22 years old!”

Georgia* (22)

Keyboard Confidence

“We decided to meet up at San Churros for our first Tinder date. Afterwards I wasn’t sure if I would keep talking to him because he was very shy. I thought he was looking for something more wholesome since he never made a move. But then when I got home he sent me a dick pic that I didn’t even want or ask for. I guess people are more confident online!”

Taylor* (21)

When He’s Just Not That Into The Country 

“I matched with this boy I met in Canada, we really hit it off and started dating for a little bit. I was getting really attached and thought it could be long term, until he messaged me saying he was moving to Japan next week and wasn’t coming back. Ffs.”

Georgia* (22)

Done With Tinder

“I matched with this really great guy and we hit it off super well. We went on a few dates, talked daily for about three months and before long, we started having casual sex. I had really fallen for this guy but for some reason, he seemed like he never wanted to take it to the relationship stage. Suddenly he quit talking to me all together and didn’t explain why. I finally got him to respond – only to find out that he had a girlfriend! I’m kind of done with Tinder for a while.”

Eliza* (20)

Foot Fetish 

“I matched with a dude who admitted he had a foot fetish. Whether he was joking or not, I noped the fuck out of there. I hate feet.”

Danielle* (21)

When Your Life Is A Sitcom  

“I’ve never had sex with anyone on Tinder before, but I figured why not try the whole “one night stand with a stranger” thing. I matched with a cute guy and we were talking for a bit but I think I offended him because I said I’m not into sports and he was. So, we had sex and never spoke to each other again. Then I found out he works at the same gym I’ve started going to, and THEN I found out he’s my personal trainer. But if I request to change trainers it will be more awkward so now I see him almost every day and we just pretend it never happened.”

Georgia* (22)

The Very Bad Man

“I matched with a guy and offered to pick him up for our date. The whole ride to the movies he commented on my driving, saying, “All women are bad drivers and no offence, but women shouldn’t be allowed to drive”. The whole time we were watching the movie I knew I would never be seeing him again. Prick.”

Danielle* (21)

Sophie Nicolas is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

(Lead image: The Big Sick/FilmNation)