Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal: Macaulay Culkin Is Home Alone Again

home alone google

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Kooky and semi-reclusive celebrity Macaulay Culkin has taken a break from singing songs about pizza or whatever to return to his iconic Home Alone character Kevin McCallister in a new Christmas ad for Google.

Thankfully, unlike the last time Culkin “revisited” the role of everyone’s favourite murderous pre-teen, where he imagined a borderline psychotic adult Kevin doomed to drive rideshare cars for eternity, this one’s much purer.

The new partnership with Google sees grown-up Kevin once again home alone for the holiday season. This time though, instead of crafting various booby traps and explosive devices that, let’s be real, should have definitely resulted in one if not two dead robbers, old mate Kev simply gets Google’s various tech to do his bidding.

home alone deadYeah, this guy should definitely be dead.

Several classic Home Alone scenes, such as the much-imitated aftershave mirror moment, are recreated nearly in full. A personal highlight has to be the “keep the change ya¬†filthy animal” line, utilised in an extremely 2018 way.

Here’s a neat little gif showing just how well they nailed some of those recreation shots:

Sure it’s a little bit cringey seeing a product shoehorned so aggressively into MY CHILDHOOD, but it’s bloody Christmas ok, so just go with it.

Obviously, because this is the internet, people have turned the headcanon speculation on big time and are trying to come up with a comprehensive timeline for 2018 Kevin, such as why as a grown ass man, he’s still home alone on Chrissy.

Many however are just thrilled to finally see him eat that god damn mac ‘n’ cheese.

Apparently, the Home Alone and Google collab goes further than just an online ad, with many reporting that if you ask your Google Home device certain questions, it starts pumping out some of your fave quotes: