Here’s Where Every Artist From ‘So Fresh: The Hits Of Spring 2000’ Is Now

We've done the hard yards lurking.

Hits Of Spring 2000

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The unbridled joy of the year 2000 saw Harry Potter finally hit the movies, breakthrough technology like the Nokia 3310 and Samboys chips stocked in school canteens across the country. Willow Smith was born and so too was another pop culture icon — the first ever So Fresh CD compilation, The Hits of Spring 2000.

Seventeen years later in 2017, what illustrious triumphs did these artists go on to accomplish? We’ve done the hard yards lurking.

1. Bon Jovi — ‘It’s My Life’

This party starter was a bold move for the Bon. Producer and guitarist Richie Sambora was trying hard to reach the kids, and instead reached Shannon Noll; with Sambora going on to co-write two Nollsy bangers.

In 2006 Bon Jovi was inducted to the UK Music Hall of Fame, but have never made the US counterpart. These days, frontman Jon Bon Jovi is literally so rich he collects condos at $19 million a pop and occasionally calls Justin Bieber an asshole.

2. Anastacia — ‘I’m Outta Love’

Aussies and Europeans thought this track was a pearler and Anastacia’s vast collection of tinted speed dealer shades impressed us all. She never quite broke the US market, but the Brits went batshit for her. Six UK top ten albums on, she still actively tours.

Oh yeah, and she fucking beat breast cancer. Twice.

3. Bomfunk MC’s — ‘Freestyler’

‘Freestyler’ was responsible for bringing Finnish breakbeat to the Australian masses, resulting in the inception of ‘the worm’ at many a school disco.

After a few line-up changes, the MCs went on to make two more albums that only Finland seemed to care about. Such is their acclaim back home, a Finnish metal band recreated their video last year.

4. Sisqo — ‘The Thong Song’

An ode to asses. A ballad for butt floss. The crowning jewel of So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2000 and Sisqo’s enduring masterpiece is ‘The Thong Song’.

If you were still wondering what Sisqo meant with the questionable lyric, “She dumps likes a truck,” rest assured it has nothing to do with poop. “That would mean I was some kind of fecal freak,” he said in a 2016 interview.

“What I was really referring to was — a dump truck when it backs up, it’s like, ‘beep, beep beep.’ So, ‘she had dumps like a dump truck’ is, like, when girls do a booty dance move and they look back at their butt.” So there you have it.

In 2018 Sisqo will dust off the dump truck to tour Australia with Naughty by Nature and Blackstreet.

5. S Club 7 — ‘S Club Party’

Colour coordinated friendship, fabulous hairdressers and squeaky-clean spiciness. What could possibly go wrong?

Over the years they’ve smoked spliffs in public, had bottles thrown at them on stage, were financially stooged by their management, split up, got back together, and finally the seven-piece is now three.

One member, Paul Cattermole, is so desperate he’s even selling all of his shit on eBay.

6. Vanessa Amorosi — ‘Shine’

In the mid-noughties Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Amorosi was certified a national treasure, with more ARIAS than you could poke a stick at. She performed to 4 billion people across the world for her part in the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and, best of all, once collaborated with Hoobastank.

If you have two hours of toe-nail clipping to do, you can watch the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony here. Recently, she released a new album, Back To Love, and threw her hat in the ring to be Australia’s entrant for Eurovision.

 7. Leah Haywood — ‘We Think It’s Love’

Another Aussie in the mix, sandwiched back-to-back like Vegemite on Cruskits. This song may or may not have been placed on So Fresh as a courtesy bathroom break.

Leah Hayward later went on to release an album with the ground-breaking title, Leah, in 2001. She now works with Daniel James under the production team moniker Dreamlab.

8. Jessica Simpson — ‘I Think I’m In Love With You’

Jessica Simpson jumped on the MTV bandwagon in 2003, starring in reality series Newlyweds with husband Nick Lachey. They divorced in 2005, leading many to believe that love doesn’t exist and neither do sea chickens.

Simpson went on to marry again, have two babies and is currently denying the arrival of a third. Amongst all this she’s managed to become a retail mogul, with her brand raking in a cool $1 billion a year. Onya, Simmo.

9. Mandy Moore — ‘So Real’

Everything about the early ‘00s felt shiny and clean, with Mandy Moore’s bubblegum pop no exception. She somehow avoided the major pitfalls of most young stars, concentrating her energy on various acting roles —  the most notable of which was a certified tear-jerker in which she played a teenage cancer patient.

In 2017 Moore starred in survival horror movie 47 Metres Down. It was not a hit.

10. Vertical Horizon — ‘Everything You Want’

This was the kind of flaccid alternative rock that washed over the airways before things got really weird. Like, Alien Ant Farm weird. Not much to see here, beige band produces several beige albums.

They still tour with bands like Everclear and have a surprisingly nice website.

11. Lo-Tel — ‘Teenager Of The Year’

If you recognise this song it probably means you’ve seen classic Aussie film Looking for Alibrandi and, by default, you’re an okay human.

The Sydney pop-rockers crooned their way to to the top of the charts after ‘Teenager Of The Year’ featured in the movie. Though just as Josephine Alibrandi didn’t exist outside the silver screen, nor too did Lo-Tel. They released a few singles that weren’t as popular and eventually disintegrated.

In 2001 singer and guitarist Luke Harrigan nicked off to Las Vegas to marry gorgeous wife and star of the film, Pia Miranda. They’ve been so busy smooching ever since that nobody seems entirely sure of their current whereabouts.

12. Aqua — ‘Around The World’

Such was the profile of Danish pop group Aqua that Mattel tried to sue them for copyright infringement over their hit ‘Barbie Girl’ in late 2000. The presiding judge dismissed the case with the official ruling — and I quote — “The parties are advised to chill.”

Aqua’s 2011 comeback album flopped, but the band still play reunion tours on occasion. Lene is married to Soren, who clearly learnt nothing from trademark lawsuits — his new band Lazyboy later changed their name to Lazy B amid fears of… copyright infringement.

13. Enrique Iglesias — ‘Be With You’

Enrique’s sultry croon and come-hither gaze, joined by his luscious, pulsating mole were no doubt responsible for ’00 conceptions everywhere.

The future was bright for Enrique and his mole, but it was short lived. They parted ways in 2003 citing creative differences, and a potential cancer risk. While nobody can confirm the mole’s whereabouts in 2017, Enrique has teamed up with new cancerous lesion, Pitbull, for a North American tour.

14. Real Blondes — ‘I Won’t Let Go’

This track is proof that Australian music credibility really does start in the toilet. I give you, the origin story of KLP.

Real Blondes was the Australian music industry’s answer to a ‘90s girl band and generated about as much excitement as Kylie Minogue’s range of signature towels. One part of this noughties dynamo, Kristy Lee Peters, binned the band and went on to become the successful DJ, triple j host and producer KLP.

15. Christina Aguilera — ‘I Turn To You’

Then to the horror of parents everywhere, Christina Aguilera reinvented herself as Xtina in 2002, just three years after the airbrushed wholesomeness of ‘I Turn To You’. The leather chaps showcased in the ‘Dirrty’ video made a pop culture comeback last year when Kylie Jenner busted them out for a party.

In 2017, Christina can be found performing at weddings.

16. Anuj — ‘Can You Stand The Heat’

How could we ever forget such a cornerstone of Australian pop music? No Anuj, we could not stand the heat.

Anuj didn’t really do much after this and in 2017 kicks around with local Sydney outfit King Farook. He leads a terrifyingly normal life according to his Facebook, where he mostly just posts photos of him and his kids. Look him up if you’re into blackholes of internet stalking and your life has no meaning!

17. Eiffel 65 — ‘Too Much Of Heaven’

This band had some high expectations to meet thanks to the runaway success of their previous hit ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’.

Many argue that ‘Blue’ was like a midnight burrito — a glimmer of hope in the dark night; full of joy, chipotle and reckless abandon. ‘Too Much of Heaven’ is thought by contrast to be more like the subsequent bowel movement; a painfully slow burn of regret and broken dreams.

Eiffel 65 still tour around Italy occasionally and if you buy a ticket to their show you get a free drink. Party!

18. Hanson — ‘This Time Around’

In 2001 Hanson were growing up and we didn’t want a bar of it. This track never achieved the same commercial success as ‘MMMbop’, but it did give fans a reason to talk about Hanson again.

In 2017 the band toured Australia for the 25th anniversary of their first album. They have a gross of 12 children between them. 

19. Blink-182 — ‘Adam’s Song’

This emotive ballad was a stark contrast to Blink’s earlier work. Though their next album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket saw a familiar return to lyrics about dicks, pant-shitting and sock jizz.

Tom DeLonge left the band in 2015 to investigate UFOS. Clearly of sound mind, in 2016 DeLonge announced that a reunion was on the cards, but bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus publicly denied that was ever a thing. In 2017, DeLonge still has the deluded idea that he’ll be back in Blink soon and is also still really into aliens.

His directorial debut will be the film Strange Times which, even pre-release, is tipped to suck way less than Angels & Airwaves.

20. Live — ‘They Stood Up For Love’

Who ever made it to the last song on a So Fresh compilation? This spot was reserved for the more forgettable tracks of the era and this entry proves no different.

Frontman Ed Kowalcyzk had a messy departure from the band in 2009, which later saw him sued for trademark infringement and accused of demanding $100,000 more than other band members per appearance. Somehow, they put all this aside to reunite and are playing in Melbourne this November.

I can assure you, tickets have definitely not sold out.

Bel Ryan is a writer, editor and occasional shit-stirrer based in Melbourne, Australia. You can see more of her work here.