Hilary Duff Wants You To Know That She Is Not A Child Sex Trafficker


hilary duff child sex trafficker

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It’s 2020, so it’s only natural that a story about *checks notes* Hilary Duff being a *spins wheel* alleged child sex trafficker is something that we have to address.

Rumours about Hilary Duff allegedly trying to traffic her own son, Luca, sent the internet into a spin over the weekend. In a now-deleted Twitter thread, conspiracy theorists claimed that an image that Hilary Duff accidentally posted of her son was “clearly a message to the devils of the elite that her son is for sale.”

The photo in question was of her 8-year-old son Luca Comrie, laying in bed naked with white markings all over his body — with some also claiming that Luca appears to be taped down in the image. Originally posted to her Instagram story, the image was placed amongst an array of family photos that Hilary didn’t notice when she first uploaded it. In response, she covered her son’s genitals with a sticker in a more recent Instagram story displaying her family photos on the wall.

But it was too late. Once the image made its way to Twitter, terrible people had a field day with the idea that Hilary Duff could possibly be a child sex trafficker and part of the debunked QAnon conspiracy theory — which claims the world’s rich and powerful are part of an international child sex trafficking ring.

Among the nuttier claims doing the rounds was a suggestion that Hilary Duff was into sex trafficking because she’s a Satanist, due to her links to Disney. “I believe that [Hilary is trafficking her own child]. Disney is rooted in Satanism. Walter Disney was a Freemason,” one person tweeted. “Disney also has a club called Club 33, which is satanic as there are 33 degrees in Freemasonry.”

To support their theory, people also tried to claim that the way Hilary Duff speaks about her son is another way of selling him to the elites. In particular, conspiracy theorists brought up a photo from Hilary’s Instagram, where she described all of her favourite things about Luca.

“Ugh… the skin, the blue eyes, the placement of the freckles, the best part of all is the placement of his heart,” she captioned the photo. “My sweet, sweet Luca. I love you all the way.”

Of course, it is not a crime to love your own child nor is it illegal to take photos of them. So obviously, none of these ridiculous claims are true. But after hearing all the rumblings on Twitter, Hilary had no choice but to address and dispel the claims before they went any further.

“Everyone’s bored AF right now, I know but this is actually disgusting,” she tweeted yesterday morning. “Whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone. Maybe get a hobby.”

So, yeah. There you have it. Hilary Duff wants you to know that she is NOT a child sex trafficker.