Someone Tried To Smuggle Ketamine Into The US Inside Framed Pictures Of Hilary Duff

Most Wanted.

Hilary Duff

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The Customs and Border Protection agency in Philadelphia seized a bunch of ketamine that someone had tried to smuggle into the country using framed pictures of Hilary Duff. 

Parcels arriving from The Netherlands into an airport in Philadelphia last week were intercepted by the Customs and Border Protection agency, and found to contain drugs. Seems like a fairly normal story, probably something that happens quite a lot.

The express air parcels, intercepted on their journey to a final destination in Connecticut, contained several shipments of picture frames, with six frames in each shipment. Officers inspected the frames, and discovered a white substance concealed in the plastic backing, which turned out to be the drug ketamine. Still relatively normal. You have to hide your drugs in something!

Weirdly, however, the frames themselves all contained pictures of…..Hilary Duff.

Um, say what now? It is impossible to know why framed photos of Hilary Duff were specifically chosen to be used for this drug smuggling ring, but there is one amazing detail that we do know: the pictures of Duff seem to be taken from her 2005 album Most Wanted.

Is this a coincidence? Is this a hilarious joke that the criminal masterminds involved in the operation did deliberately? Did someone in The Netherlands pack the drugs into the frames, chuckling at the thought of the person on the other end opening the packages and realising the joke? Can we get a lawyer to ask about this in the court proceedings?

In total, the weight of the ketamine and picture frames was 16.4 kilograms. They’ve now been handed straight over to the Department of Homeland Security for investigation.