The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun With The Liberals’ Hilariously Bad New Campaign Ad

#FakeTradie is the new #StonerSloth.

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If ever you flunk out of uni, lose a job or just generally go off the rails, take some consolation in knowing you’ve still got it together more than whoever the Liberal Party gets to make their campaign ads.

It was going to take something pretty special to top the stunning success of Stoner Sloth, everyone’s favourite walking advertisement for smoking weed, but the federal Liberal Party have managed a pretty decent effort with this very real and not-at-all off-putting ‘tradie’ who’s the centrepiece of their latest anti-Labor attack ad.

Besides that poor guy looking like he’s reading a script at gunpoint, is this how Liberal strategists imagine working-class people talk? He sounds like Paul Hogan and an economics textbook fell into a washing machine together.

Naturally, the ad’s extreme weirdness hasn’t gone unnoticed. #FakeTradie has become the internet’s latest plaything, with some pretty stellar results.

Less than two weeks to go, kids! Keep the faith.