The Most Cursed Moments From Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ That Won’t Leave My Brain

Sorry, can't talk right now. Busy thinking about Addison Rae's arms going missing during 'Teenage Dream'.

he's all that cursed moments

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By now you’ve watched He’s All That, the gender-swapped Netflix remake of the 90s classic She’s All That.

The much-anticipated teen rom-com features TikTok star, Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer, a teen influencer who goes through a very public, and very embarrassing, break-up that results in her losing followers and her much-needed sponsors.

So, to fix her brand, Padgett enters into a bet with her frenemy, Alden (Maddison Pettis). Just like in the ’90s original, the bet is to makeover the obviously very hot “loser” of the school, Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan). Cameron, as always, is just someone who needs a haircut to become “hot”.

Anyway, the movie is fine even though Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 31 percent critic score and a 25 percent audience score. Sure, it’s cheesy as hell. It’s predictable. A lot of it doesn’t make much sense. But, to be honest, that’s exactly what a teen flick should be.

However, She’s All That also had some very cursed moments scattered throughout the film that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all week.

So here are all the most cooked and cursed moments from He’s All That.

#1. The Botched Green Screen Cutting Off Padgett’s Arms

That whole ‘Teenage Dream’ beachside karaoke performance was a fever dream. There was way too much autotune for it to even be slightly believable, and I’m still struggling to understand why Padgett performed a choreographed TikTok dance to go along with it.

But the most baffling part of this scene is watching Addison Rae’s arms constantly get cut off any time she moved her arms near her head. Perhaps it was a green screen issue thanks to the sheer speed Rae was spinning her hands, but the real problem here is that this little dance moment was even written into the film at all.

#2. The Entire Way-Too-Happy-About-Horse-Shit Scene

When Padgett starts trying to buddy up to Cameron, she randomly rocks up to his place of work and asks for a riding lesson without a booking. Bit rude, but sure.

Anyway, Cameron agrees to the lesson and they first focus on mounting and dismounting a horse. During the lesson, Padgett, who is just in a silly, goofy mood, falls in horse shit while trying to dismount.

But instead of being like a normal person and saying “ew, I have just fallen into literal shit… this is gross”, Padgett thinks hurling horse shit at Cameron and manically laughing about it is the perfect way to flirt. Honestly, the deranged smile as her hand is smothered in horse feces in this scene genuinely haunts my dreams.

#3. Everything About The Anal Joke

One would think that in a movie made for children, anal jokes would be a no-go zone. Well, not for He’s All That it seems.

After the (literally) shitty horse-filled morning, Padgett finds Cameron at school to invite him to Aldin’s karaoke party. But first Padgett thanks Cameron for the riding lesson with a bunch of highly unnecessary innuendos that confuse Nisha, Cam’s bestie.

“I just wanted to say thank you for this morning. My butt is so sore. I could barely walk. Things got messy,” Padgett said before looking at Nisha and winking at her???? “I gave her a riding lesson. Horse riding,” Cameron clarified so that no one would think that the pair did a cheeky bit of anal before the 8.30am school bell rang.

Uhhh…. Mum, can you pick me up? I’m scared.

#4. Padgett Faking Handing Out Flyers

When Padgett first introduces herself to Cameron, his little sister helps provide a quick rundown of who her brother is for the influencer.

As a @PadgettHeadToToe superfan, Brin happily divulges information about her brother while Padgett “hands out” flyers for the upcoming carwash fundraiser. The issue? While Padgett does start out actually handing out flyers, that quickly stops when the camera zooms in.

Padgett can be seen making the movements of passing out papers, but if you look at her hand it’s actually empty. Maybe the rustling paper sounds were getting picked up by microphones so they had to fake it, but why zoom in on it for everyone to see?!

#5. Kourtney Kardashian Basically Just Playing Herself

In the most baffling part of the whole movie, Kourtney Kardashian actually has a significant role in He’s All That. 

Playing the hard-to-please Jessica Miles Torres from Bunny Venom, Padgett’s main sponsor, Kourtney has all the emotion of a brick wall while telling this poor teenager that she’s essentially just been fired. Peddling on a Peloton while dumping Padgett as a brand ambassador, Kourtney exhibits not a lick of emotion while she robotically tells Padgett that it’s over.

“You’re a meme. You’re Bubble Girl. And mucus is just not on-brand for us,” sure is a sentence to say during your first acting gig.

#6. All The Moments Of Random Spon-Con

Most films try to hide logos to avoid licensing fees and giving out free advertising, which is why you rarely see an Apple logo when you know a product is very clearly an iPhone. This isn’t the case for He’s All That, though.

Padgett uses Garnier Micellar Water and EOS lip balms when she streams live to TikTok. Her friends drink strategically placed bottles of Core water or cans of Pepsi. There are Pizza Hut-catered parties and buckets of KFC eaten in the back of cars. People chomp on Doritos, Fritos, Lays and Sun Chips as they walk around school. Brin casually shops for clothes on the Old Navy website as she sits in the kitchen next to a two-pack of Bounty paper towels. The product mentions and shots are endless.

But a subtle shot of a product in the back of a frame is one thing. Namedropping numerous brands in the movie script is truly something else.

#7. Cameron Casually Taking Photos Of Padgett While She Was Unloading Her Trauma

Padgett was literally in the middle of talking about how her mother is struggling to pay the bills because her father abandoned them to start a new family, when Cameron decided to snap a pic.

I understand that Cameron is ~super into photography~ and candid photography is his ~passion~ but if were unloading my trauma onto somebody and they took a photo of me during that raw moment, I would be throwing hands in the middle of that train station.

Not only this, but if that same person then decided to print out that depressing image and use it to ask me to go to prom in front of people? I would be headed to PRISON.

#8. And Cameron Putting His Beloved Camera Next To The Pool

Speaking of Cameron’s passion for photography, if I had a prized possession like a camera from my dead mother, I personally wouldn’t be placing it on THE EDGE OF A POOL while I fight an obviously delusional man who never wears a shirt.

If Cameron loved his camera so much, why didn’t he hand it to Padgett to take care of? Or literally any of the 100 other people who were watching the fight? Damn, place it on the table. Hang it on a tree. Literally anywhere else besides next to the pool would have been a better option.

#9. Padgett “Taking Off” Her Makeup But Wearing It On Live

After the big Great Gatsby party blowup, Padgett went home and took off her makeup. Or did she?

Dousing a cotton pad in some micellar water (thanks to sponsor, Garnier), Padgett started removing her makeup before hopping on TikTok Live to break down what had just happened with the fight. The gag? Despite all that rubbing and the product left on the pad, her makeup was the EXACT same. Nothing budged.

Now that’s either some very waterproof makeup with some great staying power or the He’s All That producers think we’re idiots.

#10. Brin Calling Her Brother Hot

Let’s be real, beyond Matthew Lillard, Brin was the best actor in He’s All That. But dear God, she was a supremely cooked character.

I’m all for supporting your siblings and gassing people up when they need to hear it, but hearing Brin say “If you weren’t your brother, I’d say you look pretty hot” after Cameron’s makeover is seriously vom-inducing.

Why did she have to add “if you weren’t my brother” to the compliment. Tell him he looks good, ok. That’s fine. But please don’t add in a line that makes it sound like you want to fuck him but can’t because the family link is stopping you.

#11. And Then Using Their Dead Mum To Guilt Trip Cameron

Picture it: Your mum dies in a gruesome helicopter crash. Your sister calls you hot after an influencer gives you a makeover. You fall for said influencer and break your mum’s camera as a result.

You then find out the influencer only spoke to you because you were a bet. And then your little sister tries to convince you that the influencer, who just embarrassed you publicly, makes you as happy as your dead mum did so therefore you simply must to go to prom. Lol. Lock Brin up right now.

I get that she wants Cameron to be happy, but Brin’s obsession with Padgett was clearly overshadowing logic at this point because what the hell.

#12. Cameron Riding A Horse To Prom… After Driving It There

After Padgett stepped away from winning Prom Queen and delivered a heartfelt speech about hurting the ones she loved and ~being fake~, Cameron showed up for her.

In a grand romantic gesture, Cameron galloped into school on the same horse that Padgett learned how to ride when they first started hanging out in true Horse Girl Horse Boy fashion. But in order to get the horse to the school, Brin and Cameron had to drive the giant animal over the freeway in a horse stall, so really what was the point?

Logistically they have to load the horse right back into the stall, drop it back at the stable with Cameron’s little sister third-wheeling in the car with them, and then come back to the same area they started in to actually celebrate making up.

#13. And Just Everything About This White Dude’s Rapping And Dancing

If there is one thing I did not need from He’s All That it was a blonde man called ‘Jordan Van Draanen’ rapping about the “mean streets of Pali” and then randomly breaking out into a TikTok dance every time it came on.

“Just another golden day / Take you out to the garden cafe / On the mean streets of Pali / Avocado toast tastes so great.” 

Thank you but, and I cannot stress this enough, no thanks. I’m good.

You can stream both He’s All That and She’s All That on Netflix now.

Michelle Rennex is a senior writer at Junkee. She tweets at @michellerennex.