Here’s A Video Of A Bumblebee High-Fiving A Human

Happy Friday, everyone!

Earlier this month, we published an article called ‘Five Ways The World Could Actually End‘, which — in the face of all of the end-times films Hollywood’s bombarding us with — took a step back to look at how the apocalypse might actually happen, according to science.

It’s a pretty frightening read. But amidst the 2036 asteroid NASA still doesn’t know what to do with, supervolcanos that could spread 1000 cubic kilometres of magma across the USA, global warming and nuclear war, was a scenario none of us really expected.


Yep. Bees are dying. Up to 90% of hives in the United States have collapsed and, when 1/3 of all our food is pollinated by bees, that becomes a really huge problem for us.

It’s a really huge problem for bees, too, of course.

But this guy seems pretty chill about it.

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