Don’t Lose Your Head, But Horror Classic ‘Hereditary’ Is Coming To Netflix

See what we did there?

Hereditary on Netflix, Toni Collette.

Since it came out mid last year, Hereditary has earned its reputation as a kind of cruel, sadomasochistic experiment in seeing how good you are at holding onto two kidneys-worth of fear piss.

The feature film debut of Ari Aster, a twisted individual-cum-extraordinarily talented director, it’s the story of a family torn apart by tragedy that slowly morphs into a horrific tale of grief, obsession and an actual, honest-to-God demon.

To say that Hereditary is merely scary might even be an understatement — it’s a genuinely traumatic nightmare, filled with horrors both real and other-worldly, anchored in place by a career-best performance from Australia’s Toni Collette, who does a lot of very good shouting.

But, reputation aside, Hereditary is also an accomplished portrait of what happens after you lose someone you love. Following in the footsteps of Roman Polanski’s still chilling Rosemary’s Baby, or Takashi Miike’s unnerving AuditionHereditary takes a real-world trauma and stretches it just to the limits of what you’re willing to believe. Even as the film descends into immolated, screechy chaos, it still feels true somehow — still authentic to what it means to be someone struggling with the weight of loss.

Now, there’s some good news for all those of you who enjoy shitting yourselves in fear: Hereditary is coming to Netflix this March.

Yep, from March 5 onwards, you’ll have ample opportunity to inflict the film on unsuspecting family members and friends, not to mention torture yourself with (spoilers!) the knowledge of exactly what it sounds like when a beloved Australian actress decides to give herself a drastic reduction in height with the help of a length of cheese wire.