The Internet Is Horrified By A Rapidly Spinning Helicopter Woman, So It’s Now A Meme

"Watching that old lady get twirled around on the helicopter and cheering in a manner much akin to when someone chugs their beer"

helicopter woman spinning uncontrollably

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According to a US news site, a 74-year-old woman was airlifted after suffering a minor injury during a hike. However, it’s the subsequent rescue attempt that has spun helicopter woman into a meme.

As the now viral footage shows, the airlifted septuagenarian just got spun around like a record baby, round-round. She just kept twirling, twirling, twirling always towards freedom.

If I’m being coy, the airlifted woman just goes into an uncontrollable spin on the end of the rope, and it’s as mesmerising as it is nauseating.

According to the article, after injuring herself, “firefighters made patient contact and decided that the best course of action was to fly the patient off the mountain.”

However, famously, the airlift did not go as it was expected to.

Officials said that during the hoist rescue, a “line that was supposed to help prevent the spinning didn’t prevent it, and that the phenomenon is known in the hoist rescue industry”. They also said similar incidents have happened in the past, and that procedures were done to try and stop the spin.

But she’s FINE. It’s all fine.

So, now that we know that she’s FINE, probably just a little dizzy, let’s all go to hell and enjoy just how fucking funny this rapidly spinning lady is.