Heck Yeah! Arnott’s Are Bringing Back More Original Shapes Flavours

Original Shapes-ter.

It looks like the great terrible Shapes flavour experiment of 2016 is nearly over. Arnott’s, the company behind the iconic biscuit, have announced they are bringing back two classic Shapes flavours a year after radically shaking things up and outraging a lot of diehard Shapes fans.

Last year Arnott’s announced they were drastically changing the flavour of Shapes. No one knows why. No one was asking for it. Sure, we would occasionally complain about a lack of flavour but that’s because we wanted more of the current flavour. Not an entirely new one! People were very unhappy.

In response to public shock and outrage the company backflipped pretty quickly and reinstated the original flavours, but only for two varieties: Barbecue and Chicken Crimpy.

Then in September last year, five months after the Shapes controversy exploded across our supermarket aisles, Arnott’s announced the original Pizza shapes were coming back. We rejoiced. We were happy.

But that still left Cheddar and Cheese and Bacon trapped in their version of biscuit purgatory. All their classic mates had been revived, but for some reason we still had to cop the new, and not very good, cheesy flavours.

No longer! Today Arnott’s have announced the original Cheddar and Cheese and Bacon flavours are back!

According to the Shapes Facebook page the original flavours will hit shelves in June. The new flavours will still be available as well, so don’t get confused. Make sure you keep an eye out for the ‘Original’ strip on the box.

That leaves just the less popular Nacho Cheese and Chicken flavoured Shapes still using the new flavour formula.