Junkee’s Joining Forces With Other Youth Publishers To Help Get Young Australians Vaccinated

covid vaccine

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Junkee is proud to be part of ‘Publishers For Healthy Headlines’, a commitment to produce smart content that helps young Australians stay safe and informed when it comes to COVID-19.

BuzzFeed, Concrete Playground, Junkee, The Latch, Man of Many, Urban List, and Zee Feed are joining together to use our platforms to give young Australians all the information they need to make informed decisions when it comes to vaccinations, with a mission to help open Australia.

As part of the initiative, each publication has pledged it will:

· Put the science first
· Stand for healthy headlines
· Make considered image choices and avoid triggering imagery
· Will not partake in fear mongering or alarmist headlines around vaccines

This joint mission will be in effect until 50% of Australians under 40 are vaccinated. You can find all of Junkee’s ‘Healthy Headlines’ content right here.

(Images via Unsplash)