Why Having Your Ps Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

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After failing my Ls, having to renew them five years later, failing my Ps and then having to spend a ridiculous amount of my valuable time on driving lessons, I got my licence.

I now have my Ps and have bought a car, and I’ll tell you what, having my licence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, I’m starting to see those driveless years as a secret blessing.

Hear me out.

You Never Have To Be Deso

Even if you don’t have a car but have a licence, you can still be strung into the circle of designator drivers. Being excluded from this pool is a blessing for the mere few still getting into bars and clubs using their Ls or proof of identification cards.

Your mates are pulling straws deciding who’s going to be sipping on lemonades all night and you’re already at the bar swimming in vodka OJs. Life is sweet.

You Save Some Serious Cash

I’m not talking a dollar here, a dollar there, sort of money. I’m talking the big bucks: $500 for registration, $700 for insurance, $5000 for a beat up old car. Not to mention the constant onslaught of petrol money you need to hand over.

That’s a trip to the freaking Bahamas and then some!

Not all young folk on their Ps have cars, but a large number do. And those who have their photo next to a shiny large P will no doubt feel the pressure to get themselves some wheels. Then, once they do, it’s a steady decline to Brokesville.

Public Transport Isn’t That Bad

Public transport isn’t always a ride on a merry-a-go round. Sometimes you’re crammed in between someone loudly crunching potato chips on one side and a crying baby on the other. It can be hell.

BUT, I’m just going to throw it out there, I love public transport during non-peak hour. Sitting by the window watching your city in all its shapes and sizes. Bellissimo!

Also, having to ride the train to work means you have extra time to do more stuff. You could catch up on uni work, read that book you never seem to have time for, or even map out your own novel. If it weren’t for public transport, half the books I own would never have been touched!

Driving Is Scary

Some people are natural-born race car drivers and can navigate the roads like Vin Diesel, but for a large amount of us, driving is fucking scary.

I’ve driven home in peak hour in the city, seen an overturned truck, accidentally driven over a lizard, and been beeped at more times then I can count. Whenever my hands have to grab the steering wheel I am just a ball of nervous energy.

Do yourself a favour, save the stress and take the tram. I mean, what even is a reverse parallel park? I’m not a fucking engineer!

(Lead image: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia/FX)