The Trailer For ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Contains Every Spooky Thing You Can Think Of

Netflix's new series is based on an iconic horror novel.

The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for its new horror series The Haunting of Hill House, containing pretty much every creepy horror trope you can think of. Hooray!

Sinister old house? Check.

Morgue workers? Check.

Terrifying children with weird future powers talking about their own deaths? Fucking check.

There is nothing more horrifying…

…than a child.

The ten-part series is based on the iconic 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson, which has actually already been adapted for the big screen twice. 1963’s The Haunting received acclaim from critics. 1999’s The Haunting… did not.

Watch the trailer for the Netflix version, below.

The Haunting of Hill House hits Netflix on October 12.