Hasbulla Is Heading Down Under

Protect him at all costs.

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Internet darling Hasbulla will make his first trip to Australia, according to an Australian tour company.

“Details incoming,” said the Hour Group on Tuesday, alongside a post of the 19-year-old’s face, the hourglass emoji, and eyes emoji. Talk about building suspense.

The sneak peek has only generated more questions than answers, but as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s highly unlikely the dude is just swinging down for a holiday.

“The Hour Group hosts exclusive speaking events with famous personalities,” said the newspaper. “So, the smart money says Hasbulla may be headed out here for a speaking event.”

Here’s your crash course on Hasbulla and why he’s so beloved by millions around the world.

Who Is Hasbulla, AKA ‘Hasbik’, AKA ‘General Vgorode’, AKA ‘Mini Khabib’?

Hasbulla Magomedov is a content creator from Dagestan, Russia who keeps the internet entertained with his antics online eagerly followed by his devoted fanbase. It’s believed the influencer has dwarfism — he’s reportedly 3’4″.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of 2020, Hasbulla sprung to fame after he started posting on Instagram, and quickly became a household name. The viral sensation is known for his whistles, screams, infectious laugh, vlogs, and literally just whacking people.

His Insta boasts 2.6 million followers, he’s got his own NFT Twitter account, and compilations of his best moments dominate YouTube and TikTok.

Hasbulla And Mixed Martial Arts

If you don’t know what MMA is simply just strike up a convo with any man aged between 25 to 28, and it’s bound to come up eventually.

Hasbulla became one of the faces of the combat sport after he posted imitations of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend, and fellow Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The two soon became mates and hang out a bunch, cementing Hasbulla’s nickname ‘Mini Khabib’, and sparking confusion as to whether the two are related — they aren’t.

Who Is His Arch Nemesis?

Hasbulla has ongoing beef with personality Abdu Rozik, who is reportedly to be the world’s smallest singer. Rozik, an 18-year-old rapper from Tajikistan, was pitched to fight Hasbulla in an MMA match that never eventuated.

A press conference between the two last May went viral for their scuffling, before a maybe-stunt-maybe-real altercation in October, where Hasbulla kicked Rozik in Abu Dhabi.

“When I’m in Dubai, his home, he is nowhere to be found. But when I go back to Dagestan he starts talking that talk,” he recently said of Rozik. “And when we actually square up in person, he freezes. He literally can’t move. But next time I see him, it’s on sight.”

Peep His First-Ever Interview

Two years after springing on the scene, Hasbulla gave a debut interview with former American football player Caleb Pressley last month for the Sundae Conversations series. In it, her discussed his rise to fame, love of cats, pranks, and … the hit 2006 flick Cars.

Here’s hoping his second is with Junkee, eh?