The Thirstiest Reactions To Harry Styles’ Horny ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Video

The image of Harry Styles fingering a watermelon will stay with us forever.

harry styles watermelon sugar

Yesterday, Harry Styles dropped the official video for his track ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and folks…it is horny.

Which makes sense, given the whole track is a not-so-subtle metaphor about oral sex, but still, this was a particularly horny visual.

Surrounded by women and strawberries and watermelons and an array of pleasing pastel colours, Styles stared lustily into the camera, juice dripping down his neck, biting into various berries and melons.

The first 30 seconds sees him run a finger up the spine of a watermelon, if that gives you any indication of what the hell is about to go down. Just…watch it.

Somewhat needless to say, the video has garnered a fairly thirsty reaction from Styles’ devoted fans — perhaps even more-so than it would have usually, given we’ve all been cooped up in lockdown for months. It’s understandable that the image of Styles wiping dripping juice off his mouth would set everyone off, and boy…it did.

Scroll over our favourite reactions to the video below.